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No win no fee accident claim and other services

While the majority of no win no fee claims are made regarding personal injury, the no win no fee agreement may be used when making other types of compensation claim too.

The Claim Solicitors, like most personal injury claim firms, choose to adopt the no win no fee accident claim process as legal aid for personal injury claims has been abolished. This allows all people who have been hurt in non-fault accidents to seek the compensation they deserve, regardless of how much they earn.

However, no win no fee claims can even be made to recover lost bank charges. There has been a lot of press about people seeking compensation for penalty charges banks and credit card companies levy.

A customer revolution began just after Martin Lewis, who is behind the free website designed to help consumers save money, revealed that there may be a way to reclaim the money you have been charged for creeping above your overdraft limit.

Following successful compensation claims made for herself and her family members, one woman has gone so far as to set up her own no win no fee claims company, offering consumers that have been left out of pocket by hefty bank charges a way to gain their money back. The company deals with all the paperwork and administration required when claiming for back bank charges and takes a 20% of any compensation that they are awarded.

We operate a no win, no fee service which means that. in the event your claim was unsuccessful, you won't have to pay out a penny. There are no up front costs to pay and your solicitor will be completely transparent with you about any costs you might encounter. Our goal is to make sure you don't have to have any worry over financial stresses when making a claim and can simply concentrate on getting better.

Make a no win no fee accident claim through The Claim Solicitors
If you have sustained personal injury in a non-fault accident then it is likely that you are within your rights to make a no win no fee accident claim through us.

Our personal injury solicitors have an excellent success rate and are sure to be able to help you too.

We will appoint the no win no fee solicitor best suited to your case and they will talk you through each stage of the claims process in plain English, always be at hand to deal with your questions and queries and fight to gain you the most compensation available.

To find out more fill out an online claim form and we will let you know whether you are eligible to make a compensation claim or call 0800 197 32 32 and make a no win no fee accident claim without delay.