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No win no fee success story following an accident at work

A twenty-year-old administrative assistant from Dorset contacted us to make a no win no fee compensation claim after she suffered personal injuries in an accident at work. Read about what a no win no fee agreement is.

The young women, whose main duties included typing invoices, filing and photocopying, had worked at the firm just three weeks when the accident occurred. One afternoon she got up to go and photocopy a document for her line manager when she tripped and fell.

She caught her leg on something sharp as she fell and lurched forwards, catching her head on the corner of a shelf. As she plunged towards the floor she extended her right arm out to break her fall and landed heavily on it.

A colleague rushed to see what all the commotion was about and saw that the young woman had tripped over the bottom drawer in a filing cabinet which was located near to her desk. The drawer was protruding out, unable to shut as the runners were bent, and had been in this condition for around two months. A number of comments had been made about the safety implications of the broken drawer but it seems that the matter had not been reported to the maintenance department.

The administrative assistant was taken to hospital where the doctor informed her that she had sustained a fracture to her right forearm, a deep cut and substantial bruising to her left leg as well as a minor head injury.

She was also told that her head injury may cause residual headaches. The doctor also said that it may be more than a week before she can put her full weight on her leg and her arm could be in plaster for up to two months.

This news obviously meant that she could not return to work for a number of weeks and as she had only worked at the company for three weeks she was not entitled to sick pay. A colleague recommended that she should seek personal injury compensation for her lost earnings because the company had committed an act of negligence. In the meantime, she was forced to take out a loan so that she could pay for her monthly outgoings.

The young woman was obviously concerned that she would run up higher debts if she made an unsuccessful compensation claim. She had heard of the no win no fee agreement but was unsure about what it involved and thought she would carry out some research on the internet when she came across The Claims Solicitors. She gave us a call and we advised her that all of our personal injury solicitors work on a no win no fee basis. Read more about entering into a no win no fee agreement with The Claims Solicitors.

We explained that this meant that she wouldn't have to pay our fees if her claim wasn't a success.

She decided that she would like to go ahead with the no win no fee claim. The company admitted liability for the health and safety violation and within a few months she was awarded 7,200 as a combination of both general and special damages.

Making a no win no fee claim with The Claims Solicitors

If you have been involved in an accident at work or any other accident where the negligent act of a third party caused you to suffer a personal injury then you may be entitled to make a no win no fee claim.

The Claims Solicitors are experienced at dealing with a variety of personal injury claims and have a fantastic success rate.

If you would like more details about our services or would like to start the claims process today then simply give us a call on 0800 197 32 32.