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Exploring the financial outcomes of a no win no fee claim

Many people are worried about stories of being left with huge bills and minimal compensation following personal injury claims. Paying money upfront is of great concern to people who've dealt with companies in the past that haven't been honest.

Being clear and honest is becoming increasingly important for customers who want to pursue accident claims without being robbed of their money.

When solicitors take on personal injury cases, they usually ask customers to sign a no win no fee agreement (sometimes referred to as a conditional fee agreement within the legal trade). A no win no fee policy means you don't have to pay anything if your case is unsuccessful.

Costs can be incurred while putting together material for your case. These are known as disbursements and include things like witness statements, medical reports, and accident details.

Unlike other claims companies, The Claim Solicitors don't require payment for disbursements. In the event of a successful claim, 97 per cent of costs will be paid by the opposing side.

When your case is accepted, After The Event (ATE) insurance may be recommended. This insurance protects you from your opponent's legal fees, disbursements and other costs as well as those incurred by your solicitor while pursuing the case. ATE insurance, however, won't cost you a thing.

Making a compensation claim
Thousands of people across the UK experience problems and accidents on a daily basis through no fault of their own. Often their employer is at fault because they did not protect their workers or give them the information they needed to do the work properly or accurately.

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