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Labourer awarded £23,000 after making compensation claim with The Claim Solicitors

Making no win no fee compensation claims is our game. We're the experts at it and we've helped thousands of people to make successful personal injury claims.

We're able to do this because we work with some of the finest personal injury solicitors in the UK, meaning that we can make access to justice easy for everyone, no matter where their live or how much money they earn.

One of the people that contacted The Claim Solicitors to make a totally cost-free no win no fee compensation claim was 21-year-old Matt from Essex.

A dangerous building site
Matt was a labourer who, through a friend of a friend, managed to get a job working on a building site in London's East End. On his first day he found that safety on the site wasn't at the level of jobs he had previously worked on but, needing the money and being the new boy, he didn't want to kick up a fuss.

Unlike his other jobs, he wasn't given a safety briefing before he starting working and, aware of the high rate of work accidents on building sites, was only given a hard hat after asking several times. He was not provided with a high-visibility vest either but was assured that the boss would get hold of one for him the next day.

So Matt began his work and his first job was to clear some debris from an old trench so that it could be backfilled. He got on well with the other lads working on the site and at the end of the day joined them for a couple of pints at a nearby pub.

The next day his high-vi still hadn't arrived but he got on with his work with orders from the boss just to keep an extra eye out in case any of the plant operators couldn't see him properly. Matt knew his boss was risking an accident at work but got on with his job with the promise that he would get the proper safety gear the next day.

He finally got his high-vi the next day and felt a little safer knowing that his chances of being run over by some of the numerous machines working on the site had decreased.

Risking a work accident
Matt's peace of mind didn't last for long, however. Not long before his lunch break, he got beckoned over by the driver of a 360. The driver told him that the plastic sheeting on the unfinished roof of one of the buildings had come loose and needed securing.

There was no cherry picker on site that day and, with all ladders in use, the driver told Matt to get into the bucket of his 360 and that he'd raise him up to the necessary height so Matt could tie down the loose sheeting on the roof.

Not wanting to argue, but a little concerned that it wasn't the safest thing to do, Matt climbed into the bucket and held on as he was raised into the air. Half crouching and half standing, he was nearing the building roof when suddenly the bucket jerked and he was thrown forwards.

Unable to hold on, Matt tumbled into the air and crashed down to the ground 20 feet below. He landed on some old roofing insulation that had been left lying around and this cushioned his fall somewhat, probably saving his life.

Despite landing on something relatively soft, Matt still suffered serious personal injuries in the fall. He snapped his left leg, broke his pelvis in several places and shattered several bones in his arm.

He was rushed off to a nearby London hospital where doctors set about treating his workplace injuries. He was forced to stay in hospital for several weeks and was then discharged with orders to stay away from work for a few months.

Luckily, Matt still lived with his mum and so could survive for a while without an income, although his mum's wage was stretched to the limit to keep them both.

Pursuing a compensation claim
It was during his time laid up at home that Matt used his mum's Internet to find out about making a compensation claim against the building site boss who he felt was responsible for the personal injuries that he had suffered.

He came across The Claim Solicitors and decided to give us a ring, speaking to one of our friendly claims advisors in the process. We told him that our personal injury solicitors would be able to take on his accident at work claim and, with the compensation claim being pursued on a no win no fee basis, he could focus on getting better, not worrying about money.

Matt was more than happy with this and our expert personal injury solicitors got on with the claim.

It turned out that the driver of the 360 from which Matt had taken his tumble did not possess a valid ticket but had been operating the equipment under threat of being fired if he made a fuss.

The owner of the construction company Matt had been working for realised that he was in trouble and immediately accepted liability for the workplace accident. This meant that a court case did not need to go ahead and all that was required for Matt to do to complete the compensation claim was to attend a local appointment with an independent doctor.

Not long after, a cheque arrived in the post for Matt for the sum of £23,000. He used the money to reimburse his mum for the cost of looking after him and he also spent some of it to fund going back to college to learn some new skills.

With his personal injuries now fully healed, Matt is now a fully trained mechanic and, thanks to his compensation claim with The Claim Solicitors, will never again have to be exposed to the horrific dangers of badly run building sites.

Incidentally, the owner of the firm operating the construction site on which Matt was badly hurt was prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive for his part in the accident. He escaped jail but was landed with a heavy fine and it is believed that his sites are now much safer places to work.

We can help you make a cost-free compensation claim
If you've been hurt in an accident at work, or any type of accident that was somebody else's fault, you could be in a position to make a no win no fee compensation claim with The Claim Solicitors.

We have a fantastic success rate and there’s no risk when it comes to making a claim with us, as our expert solicitors work on a no win, no fee basis. This means that in the event your claim is unsuccessful, you won’t face any legal fees. That’s what no win, no fee is all about.”

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