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Police CS gas injury compensation

Police injury compensation has been secured by a man from Liverpool who made a no-win, no-fee claim for burns suffered as a result of being sprayed in the face by police using CS gas.

Despite the police defending the CS gas litigation, over a four day hearing Liverpool County Court made the decision to award the man compensation for his civil no-win, no-fee claim.

The judge presiding over the case stated his belief that the police had used "unreasonable force" on the man, who, it was heard, is schizophrenic and was posing no immediate threat at the time of the CS gas spray.

The claimant's personal injury lawyer said that the "case is a stark reminder to police officers that CS gas is a potent weapon that should only be deployed when an officer is faced with violence or the threat of violence."

Police, he said, had only "exacerbated a delicate situation"

He added, "It raises real concerns as to the actions of the officer that night and the adequacy of training in the use of CS gas."

It is understood that the man suffered burns after being sprayed in the neck, ears, face and chest.

Compensation of £4,000 will be paid to 39-year-old to settle his no-win, no-fee claim.