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Road accident claims now and then

Today it seems that almost everyone has a car. Whether it's a top of the range Mercedes or a rusting old Metro, they all do their job of getting us from A to B. And, sadly, getting from A to B sometimes entails being involved in a car crash.

There are thousands of car accidents in the UK every day and it doesn't matter what type of car you're driving; you could still find yourself having to make a road accident claim.

With our roads among the busiest in the world, it really is no surprise that most of us will have a car crash at some point in our life. Hopefully we'll be lucky enough to walk away without any personal injuries, but the chances are we'll be left with whiplash or something a little more serious.

Being involved in car accidents, however, is by no means a modern phenomenon and ever since the invention of the four-wheeled beasts there has been death and injury on the road.

Somewhat intrigued about the safety of the roads of yesteryear, The Claim Solicitors, the no win no fee road accident claim experts, decided to take a look through the history books and find out more about man and machine's chequered past.

First death caused by a car
This unfortunate distinction belongs to a 44-year-old woman named Bridget Driscoll who was hit by a car as she walked to a dancing display at London's Crystal Palace way back in August 1896. The driver of the vehicle was Arthur Edsell, a 20-year-old who had been driving for only three weeks, and it was later discovered that he had been travelling at more than twice the 4mph speed limit when the fatal accident occurred.

No charges were pressed against the young man and a coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death, also stating that car accidents 'must never happen again'. Being in the days before no win no fee road accident claims, it is highly unlikely that Mrs Driscoll's family received any compensation for her death.

First drink-driving conviction
Just over a year after Bridget Driscoll lost her life, Britain's first ever drink-driver was given a 20 shilling (£1) fine following an incident that saw him career his taxi onto the pavement in London's Bond Street. Thankfully, nobody was injured in the incident and the taxi driver, a George Smith, later admitted to having drunk 'two or three glasses of beer'.

If a drink-driver swerved onto Bond Street's pavement nowadays then there would surely be serious personal injuries and fatalities as a result. It is for this reason that there are continuous road safety campaigns aimed at clamping down on the number of people having just one too many before getting behind the wheel.

First child killed by a car
September 23rd 1897, two weeks after the taxi narrowly escaped running down passers-by in London, saw the first ever death of a child caused by a motor car. Nowadays such incidents are all too common but back then the tragic event received much media coverage and caused widespread concern.

The child that died was a nine-year-old called Stephen Kempton and he is said to have been a passenger in a taxi when he was crushed to death after falling between the vehicle's unguarded wheels. Further details of the incident are unknown and the boy's family didn't make a road accident claim, although the taxi company responsible did stop operating shortly afterwards.

First death of a driver
A hundred or so years ago cars were in their infancy and so mechanical problems were common. There were, however, far fewer cars on the roads back then so a brake failure or other similar incident was far less likely to result in a car crash and subsequent road accident claim than it would today.

Despite this, February 1898 saw the first death of a driver in the UK when 42-year-old Henry Lindfield crashed into a tree in Purley, Surrey. Going down a hill, the vehicle's brakes and steering malfunctioned and Lindfield was unable to avoid a collision. An artery in his leg was severed and he died the following day. His teenage son was also travelling in the car but survived unscathed after being thrown clear during the smash.

Making a road accident claim
Cars are far safer today than they've ever been but the speed at which they can now travel and the sheer number of vehicles on the roads mean that car accidents are a regular occurrence.

If you've been injured in a crash that wasn't your fault you could be in a position to make a road accident claim with The Claim Solicitors.

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