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Case study of a car accident caused by a tailgating driver

While travelling along the M25 after returning on a flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow earlier that day, a man from Worthing, West Sussex, was involved in a car accident caused by a tailgater.

He contacted us to make a personal injury compensation claim after his car was hit from behind in a queue of traffic on the notoriously busy motorway. The morning of the car crash was wet, meaning that the cars required an even larger stopping distance than in usual driving conditions. It was 7.00am, traffic was crawling along for some time at a fairly slow pace and there were at least four junctions left until his next exit.

The man told us how he was waiting patiently in the traffic but he felt that the car behind him was far too close. Suddenly, he felt a sharp shunt from behind and was propelled forwards in his seat. He felt his neck jerk back and forth and his muscles tighten, sending a burning pain right through his neck and shoulders.

As the man was training to be a doctor at the time of the accident he knew straight away that he had sustained a whiplash injury. His airbag deployed, which protected his chest from impacting against the steering wheel but the hot air caused burn injuries to his bare arms.

The driver of the car behind was unharmed and got out of his car to see whether our client was alright. He saw that he had sustained a personal injury and called for an ambulance. The police arrived with the ambulance and filed a report of the car accident. Our client was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for his injuries.

After he had been at home for a few days recuperating from his accident, the man decided to go online and carry out some research about making a compensation claim against the driver that caused the car crash.

He typed "car accident" into a search engine and came across The Claim Solicitors in the results. After reading through our homepage he found that we are a leading Law Society approved personal injury claim firm, all the solicitors that we are associated with work on a no win no fee basis and that we don't charge our clients a penny for our services.

The man requested an urgent call back and left his name, phone number and the time that he wanted to be called back with our claim advisors and they called him back at that time. He explained the circumstances surrounding the car accident that he had been involved in, the personal injuries that he had sustained and asked whether he had a good case.

Our claim advisors spoke to a personal injury solicitor who specialises in car accident claims and informed the client that we would take on his case. We then put the man in touch with the solicitor, whose offices were based in Worthing, and she gave the man free legal advice and talked him through the claims process.

The car insurance company of the tailgater accepted that their policy holder had been responsible for the car accident and accepted full liability. Our client was awarded £3,150 for the pain and suffering, lost earnings and medical expenses that resulted from his personal injuries and within five weeks he was back to medical school.

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