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Case study of a car accident caused by a speeding driver

We received a phone call from a young Dorset woman who wanted to make a personal injury compensation claim after being involved in a car accident caused by a speeding driver.

Young dorset woman She told us how she was setting off on her journey home to Poole from work in Bournemouth when her Renault Megane was hit violently from behind by a speeding driver. The driver of the other vehicle did not stop to swap details with our client or even to check if she had been injured. Instead he sped off, almost knocking an elderly pedestrian over on his way.

As it happens our client did sustain personal injuries during the car accident. She drove herself to the emergency department of the Royal Bournemouth Hospital and was seen by a doctor who diagnosed her with a whiplash injury and minor chest injuries, caused by the impact of the steering wheel as she did not have a frontal airbag.

At around 8.30pm she called for a taxi to come and collect her from the hospital and take her home to Poole. By the time she arrived home the pain and stiffness caused by her neck injury had worsened and she realised that she would not be able to go into work the next day. She called her supervisor at home and explained what had happened. Her supervisor was shocked and concerned that her colleague had been involved in a car accident and told her that she should seek personal injury compensation.

Our client agreed but was unsure of whether she could make a claim, seeing as she was unsure of who had caused the accident. Her supervisor then asked if she had contacted the police to report the car accident and suggested that they might be able to help. The young woman took this advice and called the police who said that they had received a call from a passing pedestrian who had witnessed the accident and noted down the registration of the speeding car when it stopped at some traffic lights.

This was good news and helped our client to make a compensation claim when she contacted us a few days later. Not only were we able to help her make a successful claim for £3,002, covering the suffering her personal injuries had caused, three weeks lost earnings and the taxi fare home from the hospital, but we were also able to arrange a replacement vehicle for the time that her car was being repaired by mechanics which we recommended. She was delighted that with our help she was able to recover costs that the car accident had caused her.

You too can make a car accident claim through us
There are so many car accidents caused as a result of careless drivers, badly maintained roads and other factors that are out of our control that it seems only right that you should be awarded compensation under such circumstances.

Like the woman described above, you can also make a no win no fee personal injury compensation claim if you were injured in a non-fault car accident.

We will appoint you a highly experienced personal injury solicitor who will provide you with free legal advice and talk you through each stage of the case in plain English, helping you to understand the claims process with ease.

Making a claim through The Claim Solicitors is not only hassle-free but is also totally risk-free. Thereís no risk when it comes to making a claim with us, as our expert solicitors work on a no win, no fee basis. This means that in the event your claim is unsuccessful, you wonít face any legal fees. Thatís what no win, no fee is all about.

If you have any questions about the cost-free compensation claim process then have a chat to one of our claim advisors online, right away. To talk to one of our claims team on our 24-hour helpline and get the first stage of your car accident claim started, call 0800 197 32 32.