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Road accidents caused by insured drivers

When you are involved in a road accident things may not be as clear cut as they first seem. For example, while there are many drivers on our roads that abide by all the road safety and driving legislations there are other that completely disregard the rules, such as having no motor insurance.

It is compulsory to have a minimum of third party motor insurance to cover you in case of a car accident but, according to the DVLA, more than 6% of cars driven on our roads are uninsured.

Uninsured drivers have a huge impact on the rest of us because drivers that do purchase car insurance end up paying higher premiums to cover the costs of dishonest motorists. This extra cost amounts to around 30 more for each driver that takes out car insurance and costs the industry millions more.

However, if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver it does not mean that you are left without a leg to stand on when it comes to making a road accident claim. Instead, it is likely that you are eligible to make a claim with the help of the Motor Insurer's Bureau (MIB).

This private company was established in 1946 and has since entered into agreements with the Government to compensate the victims of negligent uninsured and untraced drivers. Each insurer that underwrites compulsory motor insurance is obliged, under the Road Traffic Act 1988, to be a member of MIB and to contribute to its funding.

While making a claim from the MIB can be more involved than a regular road accident claim against the insurance company of the person who caused an accident, we are at hand to help. Some of our personal injury solicitors are dedicated experts when it comes to this type of claim and The Claim Solicitors have helped thousands of people to make successful road accident claims from the MIB

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Have you been involved in a non-fault car accident? Would you like to make a cost-free, hassle-free road accident claim? Well look no further; The Claim Solicitors are the no win no fee personal injury claim experts.

If you have sustained a personal injury we can help you to make a compensation claim for lost earnings, medical expenses as well as pain and suffering.

We can also help you to make a road accident claim for repairs to your vehicle and we may be able to arrange a replacement vehicle for you while yours is off the road.

Working on a no win no fee basis we will work to get you the most compensation available.

To find out more about our services you can chat to one of our claim advisors online. They will talk you through any queries you may have and offer free legal advice along the way. You can make a road accident claim by filling out a claim form online with details of your accident and injuries or by giving us a call on 0800 197 32 32.