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Car accidents and repetitive driving positions can ruin your health

According to current surveys, over 14 million UK drivers could be suffering from a new condition known as Repetitive Driving Injuries (RDI). That amounts to around half of all British drivers on the road today (48 per cent) who could be suffering from RDI - now recognised as a medical condition - as the result of a car accident.

Ergonomics experts warn that many drivers risk serious muscle, joint and spinal personal injuries from car accidents because they don't know how to adjust their car seats and headrests.

Incorrect posture leading to repetitive driving injuries can create strain on various parts of the body including the neck, making it weaker and more prone to car accident personal injuries like whiplash.

One of the positions that could lead to RDI is called the 'rollercoaster'. In this position, the driver leans forward with their arms and legs bent. Another is called the 'multi-tasker', where the driver has a straight back, bent arms and one hand on the gear stick.

The most common RDI symptoms are foot cramp, lumbar pain, a stiff neck, aches and eye strain:

Almost two million British drivers (6.5 per cent) suffer from RDI injuries and women feel RDI car accident personal injuries more quickly than men.

Whiplash compensation claim
Driving in a poor position or driving regularly for work can create RDI personal injuries that can weaken your neck, making it more likely that you will suffer whiplash in a car accident.

If you are a fleet driver or often have to travel for work, you may feel that your RDI personal injuries are your employer's liability. The Claim Solicitors can give you free legal advice on how to make a compensation claim for personal injuries you have suffered and any medical treatment you require if this is the case.

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