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Keep eyes peeled when driving to avoid claims for car accident compensation

There are a number of reasons why people end up making car accident compensation claims, one of which may be attributed to drivers with poor eyesight.

Research carried out by Specsavers Optician's and NOP, experts in international healthcare research, has revealed that as many as a staggering 3.5 million drivers could be behind the wheel with eyesight below the legal minimum.

What's more, 22% who need the aid of glasses or contact lenses when driving have knowingly driven without them putting themselves and others at grave risk of sustaining serious personal injury or even fatality.

It is in fact against the law to drive a motor vehicle if you cannot read a number plate in good daylight at a distance of 20.5m, with the use of glasses if you would normally wear them. This is standard practice before a driving test takes place and, like all road safety laws, has been put in place for good reason.

Another poll carried out by Specsavers found that almost 90% of drivers in Britain believe that eye tests should be compulsory every five years. This suggests that they acknowledge the fact that eyesight is changeable and that driving without wearing the right prescription could have devastating consequences, such as a road accident.

One solution to the problem is for the police to hold random roadside eyesight tests to make sure that people who are driving with poor vision are removed from the roads and the need for others to make car accident compensation claims is reduced. However, according to the Association of Chief Police officers, the process of how such eyesight regulations will be put into force have not yet been decided.

Despite drivers' apparent support as stated in the statistics above, only 53% are in favour of random roadside checks. This suggests that perhaps the UK's motorists are not taking quite as much care to make sure that their glasses and contacts provide the correct aid to their vision and instead they are putting other motorists and pedestrians at risk of suffering personal injury in a car crash for which they may later have to make no win no fee car accident claims.

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