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Claiming car accident compensation from a loved one explained

Here at The Claim Solicitors we are regularly contacted by people who have received personal injuries as the result of road accidents caused by loved ones or friends whilst they were a passenger in the car.

They admit that they're interested in the possibility of making a car accident compensation claim but don't want to ruin their relationship with the driver in question and definitely don't want to see their friend or relative financially penalised because they've made an accident claim against them.

And we tell them all the same thing: there's no need to worry; your friend won't hate you, your husband won't divorce you and your mother won't disown you.

Because what you've got to remember is that if you choose to pursue a claim for car accident compensation, you won't actually be making a claim against whomever it was that caused the road accident; you'll be claiming against their insurance company instead.

That means that if your claim is a success - the money you'll be awarded will come from the coffers of the insurance company and not the wallet of the person you've made the claim against.

In fact, the driver won't have to pay anything out of their own pocket at all because that's exactly what car insurance is for. It's not just there to pay out to repair a damaged vehicle but exists to protect the health and wellbeing of passengers and other road users too.

Making a car accident compensation claim against a driver, whether they're someone you know or a complete stranger, will probably mean they could lose their no-claims bonus but this will have been lost anyway when they claim for the damage to their car caused by the accident.

They won't be penalised any further by their insurance company for being the subject of an accident claim and so there really is no good reason not to make a compensation claim against a driver whom you know.

Remember, you won't be making a car accident compensation claim against them but will instead be making it against their insurance company. Therefore, there's no need to worry about your friend or relative losing out, financially or otherwise, because you've made a claim for compensation after their driving has left you with personal injuries

Make a car accident compensation claim today
If you want to make a car accident compensation claim after being hurt in a road accident caused by someone else's negligence, The Claim Solicitors can help you.

A no win, no fee service means you are financially secure at all times.

We have a fantastic success rate and our personal injury solicitors are experts at dealing with all types of road traffic accidents. They won't confuse you with complicated legal jargon but will instead explain everything in simple, straightforward language.

To find out more about making a car accident compensation claim today, against either a stranger or a loved one, pick up the phone and call our friendly claims advisors for free on 0800 197 32 32.

We're waiting to help you and making an accident claim with us really is totally cost-free.