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Case study of a car accident caused by an unqualified driver

We received a call from a young woman from Durham who wanted to pursue car accident compensation after suffering personal injuries caused by a joyrider.

She told us how she had been to the cinema with her boyfriend and they were on their way home when the car accident occurred. It was almost last orders and her boyfriend asked if she wanted to stop for a quick drink. He stopped at a cash machine to get out some money and they were crossing to the other side of the road when a car sped round the corner.

The young woman was already half way across the road when the car approached but the driver did not slow or even seem to swerve to miss her. Witnesses said it was like he didn't see her standing in the road.

Struck down at 50 mph and hurled across the road it was thought unlikely that the young woman would survive her moderate brain damage, pelvic, back and neck injuries but after several months of intensive care she came through the worst of it.

To keep himself occupied while she was hospitalised her boyfriend had been carrying out some research to find out how she could make a car accident compensation claim. He came across our website and carried out an e-chat with one of our advisors to gain details about how our no win no fee claim process works.

He put his girlfriend in touch with us as soon as she was feeling better and she filled us in on her personal details. We told her how we would help her to pursue a claim for the compensation that she deserved.

The case was not difficult to prove as there were many eye witnesses to the collision and the owner of the car had reported it stolen just half an hour before the accident occurred. Within a matter of weeks our client received a cheque for 84,000 which she put towards medical expenses she had accrued and earnings that she had lost over the past six months as well as paying for ongoing care and treatment.

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