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Do women drivers cause less car accidents that result in compensation claims?

For years men have sneered at women drivers and commented that every passing car accident they have seen "must have been caused by a woman driver". But the fact is that the majority of car accident compensation claims are a result of a careless male driver.

The Office for National Statistics says that men were involved in nearly 172,000 road accidents in 2005 compared to only 93,000 women.

Is this all down to the moon, the tides and female hormones? Bradford University's research from 2005 suggests that oestrogen could contribute to women being the better drivers. The study also revealed that women are better at multi-tasking. This means that when trying to attend to the manual control of a car, the busy road around them, road signs, screaming kids in the back and such like, women have the edge on men.

It seems that biology has a big part to play as far as car accidents and resulting compensation claims are concerned and Amarylis Fox, Dr kay marshall and Jo Neill had the following to say about their research, "Oestrogens may positively influence neuronal activity in the frontal lobes, the area of the brain stimulated by tasks of attention and rule learning."

Ladies are also beginning to bite back as a survey for Yesinsurance revealed that 57% of women claim that they are the better drivers compared to a meagre 31% of men who thought they were superior behind the wheel. Perhaps car accident statistics are finally beginning to hit home.

In response, Paul Purdy of Yesinsurance commented, "Both accident statistics and research of driving behaviour points to the fact that women are generally safer than men when on the road.

"Men tend to drive more miles than women over the course of a year but even when this is taken into account, men still come out worst with a greater risk of undertaking risky manoeuvres and driving at high speed.

Making a no win no fee car accident compensation claim
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