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Case study of a car accident caused by a drug-driver

During June 2004 we received a call from a young woman who wanted to make a no win no fee car accident claim after she was harmed in a car crash caused by a work colleague in Stoke-on-Trent.

She told us how a work colleague had offered her a lift home after a group of them had been out to dinner. It was quite a walk to her home from the town centre and she knew that her colleague had not been drinking alcohol as she had been sitting opposite him during dinner, so she thought that she was safe to accept the offer.

He pulled out of the car park and drove across town. They soon came to an A road and she noticed that he was keeping a fairly slow pace but she thought that perhaps he was a cautious night time driver. They approached a roundabout but he didn't see that a car was already on its way round when he pulled out to go straight across. He also failed to react quickly enough to avoid the car. Subsequently, the other car ploughed straight into the rear-side of the vehicle, causing both the driver and the passenger substantial personal injuries.

An ambulance was called and the next thing the young woman remembered was waking up in a hospital ward. A nurse informed her that she had been involved in a car accident that had caused her to suffer whiplash and a head injury that had left her comatose for a few days. Her head began to pound and parts of the car accident came flooding back to her while some bits remained shady until much later.

When she had regained her full memory of the events leading up to the accident she decided that she would like to make an accident claim for her passenger injuries. She got our phone number from our website and gave us a call that day.

It turned out that following the accident her work colleague, who caused the car crash, underwent a drug test as the police officer who was called to the scene noticed that he was behaving suspiciously. He tested positive for having quite a substantial amount of cannabis in his bloodstream and when questioned the young woman said that she was unaware that he was under the influence of drugs and most definitely would not have accepted a lift from him had she known.

The case went to court and, with the help of our personal injury solicitors, was a success. She was awarded 8,500 which helped to recompense the earnings that she had lost when she was off work and pay for painkiller prescriptions needed to dull the headaches and neck pain that she continued suffering for sometime.

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