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Case study of a car accident caused by a distracted driver

During July 2005 we received an online car accident compensation claim form from a man who was involved in a collision caused by a distracted parent. He filled out the claim assessment form with details of the road accident and personal injuries he sustained and we called him back to tell him that our expert UK personal injury solicitors would be able to represent his case. He then filled our claim advisors in with a few more details.

The 29-year-old told us how he was on his way from Aberdeenshire to visit his girlfriend who was working in Derbyshire when the car crash occurred. He had just pulled off the motorway onto a quiet country road and was ambling comfortably behind a tractor when a flow of traffic came the opposite way, meaning that he had to keep close to the edge of the road.

All of a sudden a car coming from the opposite direction swerved into his path and he had to slam on his brakes. He tried to avoid hitting the car but he clipped the front right-hand side as he hurtled towards a ditch. His car ended up nose-down, almost horizontal, in a water filled ditch.

The man told us how he sustained a serious whiplash injury as well as minor head injuries, a fractured knee and facial burn injuries caused by his frontal air bag. The woman from the other car came over to see if he was OK and said to him, "I'm really sorry, my little boy was crying and screaming for me. I only turned around for a few seconds and.I'm so sorry."

She gave a statement to the police and admitted liability for the collision which the man was told would help if he decided to make a car accident compensation claim.

As the extent of his personal injuries meant that he faced taking up to three months off work and he had already forked out quite a bit of money for pain killers and physical therapy to help recover from his neck injury, the man decided that he would make a claim for whiplash compensation.

He came across The Claim Solicitors while doing some research online and contacted us after reading that as well as working on a no win no fee basis we won't hold our customers responsible for costs or fees, regardless of whether their case is a success or not.

One of our specialist personal injury solicitors represented his case, talking him through each stage in plain English and fought to get him the most car accident compensation available. The young man was awarded 9,300 for pain and suffering and to cover his lost earnings and medical expenses. He made a full recovery within four months and decided to move from Scotland to Derbyshire so that he could be closer to his girlfriend.

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