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Car crash claims for head injuries

Around one million people in the UK are admitted to hospital with traumatic brain injuries every year. Approximately 45% of these brain injuries are attributed to road accidents and many car crash claims are made as a result.

Cycling also poses a serious risk of head injury and causes around 20% of head injuries among children. However, the risk of personal injury while cycling can be dramatically decreased by wearing protective clothing such as a high visibility vest so that you can be seen easily by traffic or a cycle helmet to protect you head in case of a road accident. In fact, riders who wear helmets have an 85% reduction in risk of head injury.

Whether a traumatic brain injury is sustained as a result of a bicycle accident, car crash or violent attack, nine in every 1,000 people that suffer the injury will die. The remaining percentage, however, are left with debilitating disabilities and difficulties. These effects could be either mental or physical and include the following:

Young men, aged 15-29, are more likely to sustain brain injuries than any other group. The main reason for this is that men are statistically more likely to be involved in car accidents than women. It has been shown that young men lack experience when driving and far too many take a testosterone fuelled attitude to driving which not only puts them at risk of sustaining serious personal injury but also results in many having to make car crash claims for compensation.

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