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Road rage can kill - relax and remember that driving isn't a war

Why does the simple act of getting into a car turn some people into rage filled psychopaths? Stepping onto a train doesn't send you crazy, neither does getting on a bus, so why does squeezing behind the wheel of a car and strapping on a seatbelt automatically bring out the worst in some people?

Road rage is a phenomenon that seems to have become part of everyday modern life and it seems there is no escaping it. Every year there are thousands of people arrested after losing their tempers and countless car accidents and personal injuries are caused by those who find it impossible to control their anger.

When the red mist descends there is no telling what could happen and some people's lives have been changed forever because of a moment of madness.

I'm sure it's not long ago since you were driving along the motorway and you were overtaken by two cars tearing along at an obscene speed, one only yards behind the other. If you looked closely you'll probably have seen that the face of the one behind was distorted with rage and it's likely that his whole world at that moment consisted of nothing but an overwhelming desire to right some previous wrong.

Maybe the car in front had cut him up a mile or so down the road; maybe he'd flashed his lights at him for some reason or another; or maybe it was just the simple fact that he'd been overtaken that had caused this motorist to drive so irresponsibly and risk a potential car accident.

But whatever the reason and however heinous the crime, there's surely no excuse for driving in such a dangerous manner. Here at The Claim Solicitors, the best place for personal injury compensation claim advice, we regularly deal with the aftermath of car accidents and so know all too well the pain and heartache that they can cause.

Some people just seem unable to control their anger and road rage of some degree is almost a certainty when they're released onto the roads.

One driver with a self-confessed road rage problem is Steve, a 28-year-old accountant from Leeds. He spoke exclusively to The Claim Solicitors about his problem, giving us something of an insight into how dangerous an uncontrollably angry motorist can be.

"I never get in the car planning to lose my temper, but it just seems to happen on nearly every journey," he told us.

"There are so many completely incompetent drivers out there and it's almost impossible to get away from their stupidity. All I want to do is drive from A to B but there's always somebody plodding along in the outside lane, holding up the traffic and completely oblivious to the mess they're making.

"It's times like that I find myself snapping. I don't do it intentionally but I can't help giving them a blast of the horn or flashing my lights. They'll probably give me some abuse then and that's where the problems start.

"When I've lost my temper on the road, that's it. I've got to win and winning normally means making them realise what an awful driver they are or me getting past them and roaring off down the road so they can't catch me.

"I know it's not particularly responsible, but if people don't know how to drive then they shouldn't be on the road."

So far Steve has been lucky not to cause a car accident through his dangerous behaviour but it's surely only a matter of time before someone dies or is left with serious personal injuries because of his inability to control his temper.

Following advice from the injury compensation experts here at The Claim Solicitors, Steve has decided to seek help for his road rage and, at the time of writing, is currently undertaking a course of anger management counselling.

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Sadly, the roads of the UK are still packed full of people who consider driving to be a war and so there is a very real risk of being involved in a car crash at any time.

If you've suffered a personal injury in a road traffic accident caused by someone else, either through road rage or because of another driver's carelessness, you could be in a position to make a car accident compensation claim through The Claim Solicitors.

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