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Do cars need electronic stability? Motoring organisations believe they do

The big news in the motoring industry today is that thousands of fatal car accidents requiring an accident_claim could be avoided every year if all cars had electronic stability control (ESC).

The biggest savings would be in so-called "single car" accidents - where one car goes out of control. In the motoring industry's opinion, electronic stability control (ESC) should become standard on all cars.

ESC in a nutshell
Electronic stability control is a nifty high-tech system which counteracts skidding. Skidding is one of the main reasons for road traffic accidents requiring an accident claim, particularly those with fatal consequences.

ESC can be crucial in getting a car driver out of dangerous driving situations where there is a risk of skidding which could lead to a car accident by keeping a car firmly on course and stopping it from veering off to the left or right.

If a car driver underestimates the bend of a curve and a car threatens to lose control, ESC reacts instantly by putting the car back into a straight line. This procedure also helps to prevent skidding occurring in the first place.

ESC = ABS + Traction control
Anti-lock brakes (ABS), traction control and ESC all work together to prevent a crash occurring that could result in an accident claim. ESC helps when things get critical, including sudden swerves to avoid an obstacle or curve that has been underestimated or a changing road surface. ESC improves on the dynamics of the vehicle, providing stable driving behaviour.

It also works instantly to correct traffic action. It checks where the driver wants to steer and where the car is going, 25 times a second. If it identifies a critical situation, it reacts faster than the eye can blink. It does not need to be switched on and is always active and live.

Car accident claims
Every day, cars become more and more technically efficient and more capable of dealing with modern road traffic conditions. ESC is one in a series of safety prevention measures designed to protect road users in the UK.

Nonetheless, car accidents resulting in an accident claim continue to happen, and at an alarming rate too. One of the most common personal injuries suffered in a car accident is a whiplash personal injury. Agonising and often long-lasting, it is not to be taken lightly and more recently medical practitioners have begun to realise that there are very complicated side-effects that can last for several years after the event of a car accident.

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