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Road safety initiatives designed to decrease car accidents

There are a variety of road safety initiatives that have been put forward by the government in an attempt to dramatically reduce the number of car accidents that currently occur in the UK. Read more about car accident incidence rates.

Authorities such as the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and national multi-media campaigns such as THINK! are designed specifically to help deliver improvements in road safety by promoting and teaching safe driving standards to drivers of all ages.

Pre-driving test road safety initiatives

For those that have not yet passed their driving test the DSA have designed the Arrive Alive Road Safety Programme:

Arrive Alive

This DSA scheme is designed especially for young people and intends to make sure that they maintain a safe driving attitude that will be continued when learning to drive and after they have passed their test. Read more about car accidents and driving without qualification.

Different presentations of the Arrive Alive Road Safety Programme are delivered to a variety of organisations including: module one for schools and colleges, module two for the armed forces and agricultural colleges, and module three for youth referrals, young offender institutions, prisons and probation services.

The first module comprises an interactive presentation and discussion which focuses on:

This is all supported by video footage which shows the devastating results that car accidents and other road accidents can have. Read more about the types of personal injury most commonly sustained in car accidents.

In the last four years, the Arrive Alive safety message has reached around 200,000 students and an independent evaluation carried out by The British Institute of Traffic Education Research confirmed that the programme contents had a positive impact and was relevant to a young audience.

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Post-driving test road safety initiatives

To drive legally in the UK, motorists are obviously required to pass both a theoretical and practical driving test. Once a driving licence has been obtained the DSA continues to support motorists in safe driving with schemes such as the following:

Pass Plus

Drivers are more likely to cause a car accident within the first two years of passing their test.

Pass plus is a training scheme aimed specifically at new drivers. It has been designed by the DSA in collaboration with car insurance companies and reputable driving instructors.

Pass Plus will help those that are new to the roads to build on their existing skills, teach them to anticipate and avoid car accident hazards and help them to become more confident, safer drivers.

The cost of the course will depend on where and with what instructor you carry it out and how many sessions are needed for you to successfully complete the course.

The course consists of six modules on which you will be continually assessed:

These must all be completed to at least an achieved standard in order for you to gain a Pass Plus qualification.

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Arrive Alive Classic

This is based on the Arrive Alive scheme discussed above but is designed especially for the more mature driver. It consists of a completely free video presentation which lasts approximately one hour and is aimed at those aged 50 plus. The emphasis of Arrive Alive Classic is to raise awareness of issues such as:

Also, information about recent changes to legislation and The Highway Code will be highlighted as well as tips about good driving practice. Read more about car accident incidence rates and the age of the driver.

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Making a car accident claim today

With more than 50 million people sustaining injuries as a result of car accidents every year it is no wonder that our team of highly dedicated personal injury solicitors have become so adept at dealing with car accident injury claims.

If you have been involved in a car accident that wasn't your fault then you may be entitled to claim for compensation. We can help you to claim for pain, suffering, lost earnings and medical costs and may be able to arrange for you to receive free medical treatment with a specialist in your area.

We can even arrange for your car to be repaired free of charge with a reputable garage and provide you with a free hire vehicle for the time that your car is off the road.

For free legal advice following a non-fault car accident or to make a car accident claim today call 0800 197 32 32.