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Causes of car accidents - Reckless driving

There are many explanations as to why car accidents occur from mechanical failure to poor weather conditions. However, there are contributory factors such as reckless driving which can be prevented. Read an overview of car accidents.

The government is continuously introducing new road safety schemes in order to make drivers aware of the risks involved with driving recklessly and, in turn, reduce the amount of car accidents and resulting casualties.


Speed limits are invariably determined by the type of road being used and the type of vehicle being driven. If you are driving through an area with varying speed limits, it pays to be aware of the maximum speed at which you should be travelling.

The last few years have seen an abundance of speed cameras introduced to our roads in order to encourage drivers to keep to the speed limits. This means that it is far easier to catch people who are speeding.

There are a number of penalties for breaking the speed limit including fines, points on your licence and driving bans. The maximum fine for speeding on a motorway is £2,500 with 3-6 points on your licence.

However, research shows that drivers who get flashed by speed cameras are twice as likely to be involved in a road accident where personal injuries are sustained.

It is also believed that the primary cause of car crashes is a combination of excessive speed and some form of human error. Recent statistics show that each year there are around 1,200 deaths and over 20,000 serious personal injuries suffered as a result of car accidents caused by speeding on built up roads in the UK.

Government research reveals that:

Drivers are more inclined to speed at night as there is less traffic on the roads, it is darker, they are suffering from fatigue and have had higher alcohol consumption.


tailgating accident

Tailgaters are motorists who drive closer than 1 second behind the vehicle in front of them. This is extremely dangerous seeing as the safe distance between drivers is 2-3 seconds in normal driving conditions. This decreased distance means that if the car in front was forced to make an emergency stop, the tailgater would smash into the leading car, causing a potentially serious car accident.

40% of motorway drivers tailgate and 1/3 of motorway crashes that result in personal injury involve tailgating. Some drivers may not realise that they are tailgating but others drive too close in order to bully other motorists and exert their power on the road.

Car accidents caused by tailgating could be reduced with the help of proximity monitors. These are a fairly new technological invention which detect how close you are traveling to the car in front and automatically adjust your car's speed to prevent you from getting closer than the recommended stopping distance.

Driving without qualification or entitlement

Many young drivers are found guilty of taking the risk of driving without the proper qualifications. You are required to hold a full British driving licence to drive a car on public roads in the UK. This is acquired by carrying out both a theory and practical driving test with a recognised instructor.

According to the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, around 1.5 million UK drivers do not hold a driving licence. It is also estimated that 1 in 20 do not have valid insurance.

There have been recent cases reported in the media of children as young as thirteen who have got behind the wheel without a licence and suffered the consequences for their reckless driving behaviour.

The incidence rate of fatal car accidents involving young drivers has doubled over the past five years although the amount of 17-19 year olds who hold a driving licence has almost halved. This suggests that many of the young drivers involved in these fatal accidents are driving without adequate qualification or entitlement. Read more about car accident incidence rates and the age of the driver.

Making a car accident claim today

If you have been involved in a car accident through no fault of your own then we may be able to help you make a car accident claim.

If you have suffered a personal injury then you can claim for pain and suffering, loss of earnings and medical costs as well as any valuable items which were lost or damaged at the time of the accident. We may even be able to arrange for you to receive top medical care in your area.

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