no win no fee claim, car accident injury claim
no win no fee claim, car accident injury claim

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Will the driverless car reduce or increase car accident injury claims?

When you make a car accident injury claim after being involved in a non-fault accident you are quite often in a position to make no win no fee claims against the driver that caused the accident. However, if you were involved in a car crash caused by a driverless car how would you make a claim? This may all seem very sci-fi and unnecessary but the fact is that the driverless car is well on its way.

The almost driverless car
While not strictly a driverless car, the '06 Honda Accord's LKAS (Lane Keeping Auto Assist) will help steer you to safety when it detects that you are not gripping the steering wheel sufficiently. It is especially designed to help drivers who may fall asleep when behind the wheel.

In the event that you let go of the steering wheel, even for just a few seconds, the device will steer you back on course by using a camera mounted on the dash board to get an image of the road ahead and figure out what lane you're supposed to be in. This is complimented by the cruise control system which will apply the brakes for you and even keep you at a safe distance from the car in front, thereby reducing the chances of having to make a car accident injury claim.

There are several existing driverless car projects including the 2geththere from the Netherlands, the Argo from Italy and the DARPA Grand Challenge from the USA. Many advantages have been noted in regard to the new driverless car including:

Time efficiency
Commuting to and from work or across country takes up a great deal of our time and energy. Instead of having to concentrate on the road while travelling to and from work we could make better use of our time by starting work, taking part in a leisure activity such as reading or resting.

Easy parking
So many cars are now on the roads making parking in popular areas increasingly difficult. With a driverless car you could be dropped off at your destination, the car could park elsewhere and then come back and collect you at a later date.

Eliminate drink-driving
One of the major reasons that people drink drive is because it is convenient. They cannot be bothered to arrange alternative transport home after a heavy night drinking so they risk having to be the defendant in a car accident injury claim and jump behind the wheel. With the chauffeur service of the driverless car available there is hope of eliminating car crashes as a result of drink-driving.

Equal opportunities
Those that are visually or otherwise physically impaired would be allowed the opportunity to travel independently without a guide dog or carer.

Problems and developments
However, before we can consider making our roads completely driverless there are a few social issues that need consideration. As well as getting the general public to trust that their car will keep them safe from being involved in a car accident there is the problem of actually getting legislators to allow the car to be let loose on the roads without a driver.

The major issue of course will be with liability in the event of a road accident. Even without a driver a car is likely to cause substantial damage to other vehicles, passengers and pedestrians and car accident injury claims are more than likely to be sought. A definite decision will need to be made about who will be responsible in the event that a compensation claim is made.

In 2007 we are still some way off from removing humans from the driving seat altogether but roads brimming with driverless cars may well be a things of the future. In order for a computerised system to replace the human driver it is essential that it possesses the following elements:

Sensors - to understand its immediate environment

Navigation - to know where it is and where it wants to go

Motion planning - to find its own way through traffic

Actuation - to operate the mechanics of the vehicle

Navigation and actuation seem to be fully resolved issues and sensors are well on their way to being fully capable whereas motion planning needs considerable development.

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