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Car accident incidence rates

According to the Road Transport Statistics 2005, the total number of casualties as a result of car accidents was 178, 302. Read an overview of car accidents.

There were 1,675 deaths as a result of car accidents in 2005, meaning there were four more fatal accidents than in 2006. However, the number of personal injuries suffered fell by 11% when compared to the previous year.

There are several theories about causes of car accidents which are continuously undergoing research. The following will be discussed below: the colour and model of car driven as well as the location, gender and age of drivers.

Type of car

A survey developed by CAP Motor Research, has revealed which cars accumulate the most payouts by motor insurance providers as a result of car accidents. The make, model, colour and postcode were all taken into account.

A nine-year-old Ford Fiesta 1.3 Encore in blue, registered in Birmingham was the most frequently written off car in Britain. The Ford Escort with 6% and Ford Mondeo with 5% were also among those cars that are more likely to be written off in car accidents.

On the other hand, silver cars were shown as one of the safest colours of car to drive as they were statistically involved in the least car accidents.

Where you live

According to CAP Motor Research, the quantity of write-offs as a result of car accidents was distributed fairly evenly across the UK although Birmingham, Peterborough and Glasgow account for the largest numbers.

However, other research has revealed Welsh drivers as the most potentially dangerous drivers since 90% of welsh drivers admitted to concentrating on other tasks such as eating, smoking, applying make-up and tuning in the car stereo while behind the wheel.

Conversely, the Welsh maintain that London drivers are far worse than they will ever be.

Gender of driver

Although women are often branded as bad drivers, statistically women are involved in less car accidents than men. For example, in 1995 there were 1.8 million female car accidents per million miles compared to 2.9 million male car accidents per million miles.

Medical research points towards hormones as a major influence on our attitudes and skills while driving. It is thought that testosterone encourages male drivers to drive more aggressively and competitively, thus, causing more serious car accidents.

Men are also believed to partake in more risk taking behaviour than women drivers. This is backed up by statistics published by Phillips 2007 Atlases stating that men account for 80% of speeding fines in the UK. Research carried out by road safety charity Brake has revealed some more reckless driving habits carried out by men:

In addition, 93% of convicted drink drivers in 2003 were male. Men are also three times as likely as women to be involved in a fatal car accident. Read more about driver impairment.

On the other hand, women are thought to be less spatially aware then men because they lack testosterone. This makes them less adept at parking and more likely to be involved in a low-impact car accident while carrying out a manoeuvre.

However, both mums and dads travelling with unruly kids that haven't been strapped in properly are at even more risk of causing an accident. Read more about driver distractions.

Age of driver

Young drivers are essentially the group most at risk of being involved in a car accident with two drivers under the age of 25 dying as the result of car accidents every day. Young male drivers are also at more risk of having a car accident than young female drivers.

Below is a summary of some of the findings relating to young drivers taken from the Green Flag Report on Safe Driving (2001):

Read more about reckless driving habits.

However, car accident incidence rates for elderly drivers are fast approaching those of young drivers. What's more, while young drivers are at more risk of being involved in a fatal car accident, elderly drivers are more likely to suffer from severe shock, confusion and serious personal injuries.

The main reason for increasing elderly driver accident rates is deterioration in personal health. This may include: poor eye sight, hearing problems, limited mobility, muscle stiffness and slower reaction times.

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