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Restrain your load to avoid car accident compensation claims

We speak candidly about drunk drivers, speeding drivers and young drivers being the major contributors to road accidents in the UK but unrestrained loads can result in just as many car accident compensation claims being made.

There are fleets of builders, construction workers, painters and decorators and the like travelling the UK about their business with vehicles laden with tools and equipment. Some use commercial vans and car-derived vans fitted with restraining features but others use everyday cars that are not fitted with such features as standard, meaning that the driver, any passengers he is carrying and other road users are all at risk of being struck by unrestrained objects.

Bill Pownall, Norwich Union's motor risk manager had the following to say on the subject, "We receive many insurance claims both for vehicle damage and personal injury as a result of collisions which have occurred at a relatively low speed.

"Many include damage or injury which has been sustained by unsecured equipment in the load area bursting through the back seat and hitting the driver or passenger."

However, car accidents as a result of unrestrained loads are not restricted to workers. Any driver could have unsecured shopping on the back seat and braking suddenly could see a tin of baked beans fly through the window and cause a serious car crash.

There is also the risk that a heavy load could unbalance a vehicle. Lorries and even cars could tip over when going round sharp corners if the weight distribution of their load is either uneven or simply too much for the vehicles axles to take.

In many instances such road accidents will also be work accidents. Employers are responsible for training drivers to load their vehicles correctly and to make sure that equipment is secure. Failure to do this could result in multiple personal injuries and the employer having various costly car accident compensation claims made against them.

No win no fee car accident compensation
If you have been involved in a car crash that was not your fault or was only partly your fault you could be due car accident compensation.

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