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EU integrated transport strategies and car accident compensation

The UK is falling behind its European cousins in integrated EU transport strategies which look at issues like car dependency, congestion, sustainable transport and reducing the number of road traffic accidents and car accident compensation claims .

The UK has the highest number of car share schemes, which have been increasing at the fastest rate in Europe, our urban and inter-urban roads are the most congested in Europe and we have the lowest levels of walking and cycling in the continent.

UK fatality rates from car accidents, however, are amongst the lowest in Europe (equal with Sweden) and death rates amongst children and older people are also very low. The number of car accident compensation claims is lower than in other parts of Europe.

In the UK, London has the largest supply of public transport, the strictest application of parking restraint measures (spaces and prices), a relatively low public transport density and the highest fares.

The largest cities in the UK have the highest number of transport options and car share schemes (despite low car ownership) and medium and small cities offer a lower choice of travel options, with a reliance on buses.

Threats to reaching EU integrated transport strategy targets include increasing car ownership rates, which have affected all parts of the EU; suburbanisation (many cities have experienced outward migration to lower density suburbs and have an increased reliance on cars); increased car dependency rates and improvements in car design which are expected to exceed the evolution of public transport and reduce the number of road traffic accidents and car accident compensation claims.

Car accident compensation claims
Despite traffic calming schemes, EU transport strategies and other plans to reduce the number of car accidents, road traffic accidents continue to happen and compensation claims are increasing as drivers are becoming more aware of their ability to claim compensation.

If somebody depends on their car for work, having a road traffic accident that stops them from working can be frustrating. Inability to earn money, lifestyle problems and other issues relating to work and health can arise. Expensive medical treatment for personal injuries from the vehicle accident may be needed.

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