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How sturdy is your car?

When it comes to making a car accident claim after being involved in a road smash, it seems that the type of car that you choose to drive could have a huge impact on your safety.

Research has shown that the colour of your car can affect your likelihood of being involved in a road accident when the colour of cars previously involved in the majority of accidents were taken into account. Sensible silver cars have been deemed the safest colour of car to drive whereas fiery red vehicles are believed to be those most regularly involved in car accidents.

But when it comes to the make and model of the safest cars on our roads, actual testing by the likes of Thatcham and Euro NCAP make the following results slightly more reliable.

Volvo and Saab continue to offer good protection for their drivers and passengers through their sophisticated head restraint and seating, designed to reduce the risk of whiplash. The Citroen C6 became the first car to be awarded a maximum 4 star Euro NCAP pedestrian safety rating as well as a maximum 5 star rating for occupant protection in 2005. Then in March 2007 the Land Rover Freelander 2 became the first small off-roader to achieve five stars for adult occupant protection.

Such results are a great selling point for those who value the safety of their occupants and want to avoid sustaining serious personal injuries for which they may later have to make car accident claims.

BBC2's controversial car show Top Gear tested one particular vehicle to its limits by running it through a mill of challenges designed to make it crumble and conk-out. Jeremy Clarkson and the gang picked a Toyota Hilux and decided to find out just how far they could take this pick-up truck before it quite literally crashed and burned. After each attempt to defeat the pick-up, only one mechanic and his basic tools were allowed to perform repairs to get the motor running.

First they drove it down a steep, stone staircase then smashed it head-on into a pretty sizeable tree. The next part of the pick-up's demise saw it being left to drown on a beach as the tide began to rise and having a caravan dropped on top of it from height, but it managed to survive this sea-side holiday from hell.

Finally, the Top Gear team swung a wrecking ball at the vehicle before placing it on the pinnacle of a building that was to be demolished using explosives. Miraculously, after this course of events the Hilux was still standing and following a little tinkering from the team mechanic it was driven off into the sunset.

So the moral of the story is if you would like to avoid sustaining personal injury in a road accident and having to make a car accident claim for compensation then try opting for a motor vehicle that can not only put up a fantastic fight for survival against all odds but also offers an excellent occupant safety rating from a credible source like Euro NCAP.

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If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a non-fault accident and find yourself in a position where you need to make a car accident claim, then we are here to help.

We are well aware of the inconvenience and suffering a car accident can bring from the pain of personal injuries and loss of earnings to damage to your car and personal belongings. We can help you to claim for all of this from the party responsible for your car crash.

The Claim Solicitors have helped many people under the no win no fee agreement and we are sure that we can help you too.

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