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personal injury solicitors, work acident

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Slips, trips and falls - a work accident epidemic

While at first glance slips, trips or falls might not sound like major work accidents, seeming too slapstick to be given much serious consideration, they represent, in fact, a work accident epidemic in Britain.

When combined, these three kinds of work accidents make up for the majority of work injuries in the UK. Their cost to employers is estimated at a staggering £512 million each year. The economic ripple effect of these work accidents to the wider British economy is thought to be even larger.

Causes and case studies of this work accident epidemic

Floor coverings that are unfit for the purpose - A man from the south east of England recently won his no win no fee claim for work accident compensation after it was found that his employers had provided an unsuitable floor covering. He worked in a fish wholesalers and the surface was found to be slippery, especially when wet; was appropriate footwear was not provided to counter this problem.

Irregular floor surfaces - An 18-year-old girl working in the restaurant of a heritage listed building in Scotland received work accident compensation after tripping on a jutting stone. She was carrying a vat of hot oil at the time and received second degree burns.

Loose cables - Last year a council worker won his no win no fee claim for work injuries that he sustained after tripping over some unsecured cables left by workmen who were working on renovations. In the work accident he sustained cuts to his face and a dislocated shoulder.

Insufficient lighting - A 23-year-old Australian man working in an adult bookshop fell down a flight of stairs on his first day in the job. In his defence, the owner of the bookshops liability was not mitigated by his argument that 'low lighting is essential for the underworld image of the premises'. The 23-year-old suffered neck injuries and spinal injuries in the work accident.

Changes in floor height - A London temporary office worker broke her jaw and lost several teeth after tripping over an unsignposted raised floor surface in an office kitchen. The judge hearing the case said that in the work accident the woman had suffered 'psychologically painful cosmetic injuries'.

Why these work accidents should be avoided
It is estimated that up to 70% of work accidents could be prevented if correct health and safety were implemented. There are three major pieces of work accident legislation that if adhered to properly would prevent the majority of work injuries and any subsequent no win no fee claims:

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 - A landmark piece of work accident legislation obliging employers to take unprecedented levels of health and safety precautions for the benefit of employees.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 - Provided more detailed guidance on the obligation of employers to prevent situations where employees had cases for personal injury claims through work accidents.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 - Important because of the onus it placed on employers to identify and eradicate potential work accident risks (including trips, slips and falls).

Lessening the risk of work accidents
Employers are advised to follow the legislation, seek support from the Health and Safety Executive, as well as provide safety training and equipment for employees. Employees should educate themselves as much as possible on work accident risks and should know their rights.

Making a no win no fee work accident claim
If you have suffered personal injuries in an accident at work you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Slip, trips and falls can have a physical, emotional and financial impact on people's lives. Workers can lose out as a result of time off work and costly rehabilitative therapy.

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