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Injury compensation for skin disorders

Considering that around four million working days a year are lost because of occupational skin disorders, the scale of occupational skin disorder work injuries in the UK is underreported.

Not only are they underreported, but the impact of occupational skin disorder work injuries are underrated too. In fact, the Health and Safety Executive state, "Disablement from occupational dermatosis can be as great as that from loss of a limb". Yet the HSE report goes on to state that work injury compensation for occupational skin disorders does not adequately reflect this.

Despite this disparity between the size of work injury compensation for skin disorders and work injury compensation for other accidents at work, a lot of people with these occupational skin problems may have cases for work injury compensation.

What kind of skin disorder might someone be able to claim work injury compensation for?
There are a wide variety of occupational skin conditions for which a person might be justified in claiming work injury compensation. However, the boundaries between all the conditions are not always clear.

Possible work injury compensation skin disorder no.1 - contact dermatitis: a type of eczema. Symptoms include blisters, swelling, flaking, redness and itching.

Possible work injury compensation skin disorder no.2 - acute irritant contact dermatitis: caused by strong irritants and can cause chemical burns, even after just one exposure.

Possible work injury compensation skin disorder no.3 - chronic (or cumulative) irritant contact dermatitis: caused by exposure over a prolonged period to one or several weak irritants. Weak irritants include substances such as detergents, soaps, alkalis, weak acids, organic solvents, friction, and soluble oils.

Possible work injury compensation skin disorder no.4 - allergic contact dermatitis: caused by a substance penetrating the barrier of the skin and triggering an immunological response. Around seven days after this happens, the body confirms an allergic reaction.

Other possible work injury compensation disorders - contact urticaria (hives), oil acne, chloracne, chrome ulcers, cement burns, loss of normal skin pigmentation, skin cancer, vinyl monomer.

Jobs associated with work injury compensation for skin disorders
People from the following occupations have all made successful no win no fee claims for work injury compensation relating to occupational skin disorders.

No win no fee skin disorder work injury claims. List of occupations - chemical, gas and petroleum plant operators; coach and spray painters; machine tool operators and setters; glass product and ceramic manufacture workers; assemblers and line workers for vehicles and other metal goods; hairdressers, barbers and beauticians; doctors and nurses; printers and cleaners.

Situations where an employer might be liable for a skin disorder work injury compensation
Employers who are in breach of or who fail to follow guidelines laid out in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1994 and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 may be liable for a no win, no fee claim for work injury compensation.

If employers fail to carry out risk assessments of potential hazards and to protect employees from the assessed hazards then they may be liable for a no win no fee claim for work injury compensation.

The employer must have good quality, well maintained personal protective equipment for the benefit of employees or risk a no win no fee claim for accident at work compensation.

Employers may also be liable for a no win no fee claim for work injury compensation if they fail to provide adequate health surveillance for their employees.

Claiming work injury compensation
One thing our expert personal injury solicitors often reiterate is the importance of making a claim for work injury compensation at the earliest possible stage.

The more recent the work accident, the fresher it is in the memory. This helps in many ways, not least because the claimant and any witnesses are able to recall events more clearly. This inevitably enhances a case's credibility.

At The Claim Solicitors we have an enviable success rate in dealing with these cases so are able to bring you the highest levels of experience and expertise in dealing with your work injury claim.

We offer a no win, no fee service. This means that our clients donít pay a penny in up front costs. Whatís more, if you lose your case, you wonít pay anything at all. No win, no fee, is exactly what it sounds like.

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