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Office accidents and accident at work compensation claims

If asked to consider the jobs that are most dangerous and most likely to leave employers suffering personal injuries, thoughts of fishing, tree surgery, mining and the construction industry might just spring to mind.

There's no denying that these are undoubtedly dangerous jobs that result in a high number of accident at work compensation claims, but people in occupations of a less physical nature are also at risk of suffering workplace injuries.

The office is just one of these places that, on first glance, looks safe but can be a potential hotbed for personal injuries and resultant accident at work compensation claims.

It's fair to say that the majority of bosses are honest and conscientious and treat their staff properly but there are some who continue to expose their workers to unnecessary risk.

Here at The Claim Solicitors we receive thousands of calls every year from office workers who have been left hurt as the result of the negligence of an unscrupulous employer.

So what type of accident at work compensation claims have we helped our customers with and what are the typical personal injuries that office workers are likely to suffer?

Modern offices are jam-packed with computers, telephones, printers and a whole host of other equipment that requires electrical leads and cables. These cables have to be properly stowed away and kept out of the way of all walkways to ensure that they're not a tripping hazard.

Leads trailing across floors and piling up underneath desks can create a very real danger and numerous office workers have discovered this for themselves, suffering serious personal injuries and having to make accident at work compensation claims as a result.

The majority of offices have a kitchen or, at the very least, a sink area. They might be great for making cups of tea and heating up the remains of last night's dinner, but with so many people using them they can soon become a risk to safety. Any water or spilt drinks should be cleaned up immediately or warning signs should be placed over the affected area.

The same goes for anywhere in the office, including the toilets, where spillages must be identified and dealt with to prevent oblivious workers slipping up and hurting themselves.

Head injuries
Some of the people who approach The Claim Solicitors to make no win no fee accident claims have suffered head injuries while working in offices. Among them have been workers who have had files and boxes fall on top of them as well as people who have banged their heads on low doorways and unmarked obstructions.

It is an employer's responsibility to ensure that all obstructions, both on the ground and at head level, are removed or adequately marked, and any boss who fails to do this could find themselves on the receiving end of an accident at work compensation claim.

Repetitive Strain Injury
Working at the same desk all day long, week in, week out, can seriously harm your body if proper measures aren't taken. It is an employer's duty to make sure that workstations are properly positioned and that any special needs are catered for.

Sitting in uncomfortable chairs, using badly positioned computer equipment and not getting enough breaks can contribute to Repetitive Strain Injury, usually abbreviated to RSI. Affecting the nerves, muscles and various other parts of the body, RSI can be extremely debilitating and measures should be taken by an employer to address any conditions that arise.

Make an accident at work compensation claim
If you've suffered a workplace injury through no fault of your own, you could be in a position to make an accident at work compensation claim through The Claim Solicitors. Our personal injury solicitors are experts in all areas of work accidents and are the best choice to help you make a no win no fee accident claim.

So get in touch with the accident at work compensation claim experts today to win the personal injury compensation that you can deserve. You can request a call back and we'll ring you at a time convenient for you, you can chat online to an expert claims handler or you can pick up the phone and give us a call for free, any time of the day or night, on 0800 197 32 32.