accident at work, compensation claim
accident at work, compensation claim

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When it comes to dangerous workplaces, mines are right up there with Dickensian workhouses. They are dark, dingy, dusty and claustrophobic by nature and a great many miners have met their end as a result of accidents at work; accidents today that would see a great many compensation claims being made.

The mining industry was prolific throughout the UK in the last century but now just 137 sites remain, including 26 licensed underground coal mines and 31 opencast coal sites. There are far less compensation claims made by people harmed in coal mines in the UK and seeing as the majority of mines exist in developing countries such as China, claims for personal injury compensation after mining work accidents are far and few between.

There are a variety of work injuries that those employed to work in mines may encounter:

Pneumoconiosis - fibrosis and scarring to the lungs caused by long-term ingestion of dust

Emphysema - a chronic disease to the lungs where the airs sacks are enlarged and damaged

Musculoskeletal disorders - personal injury to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, cartilage in the hands, arms, wrists, shoulders, neck or legs

Burn injuries - explosions and fires could cause significant burns

Head injuries - roofs collapsing and explosions could lead to open or closed head injuries

Noise-induced hearing loss - working in an enclosed echoey space where loud tools and machinery are used to mine

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome - a disorder to the upper limbs resulting from exposure to vibrating tools

Vibration White Finger - restriction of blood flow to the fingers which makes them eventually turn white caused in the same way as HAVS

The Health and Safety Executive works alongside the employers, employees, trade associations, trade unions and other bodies associated with the mining industry to progress health and safety initiatives in order to reduce the number of work accidents, decrease the incidence of ill health and number of working days lost as a result of accidents at work and diminish the number of compensation claims accordingly.

Specific targets for the mining industry have included:

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