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Types of military work injuries

All jobs pose some risk of accidents at work but if you've joined the Army, RAF or the Royal Navy, then you could be at risk of sustaining any matter of work injuries.

There are a number of potential problems that military personnel could face such as assault course incidents, vehicle accidents and injuries sustained during routine duties such as cooking and cleaning.

Noise-induced hearing loss is also a common work injury experienced by service men and women that have regular exposure to gunfire. Exposure to sudden loud bursts of sound can damage the ear drum and cause a traumatic shock injury and constant exposure to gunfire while training could cause tinnitus and eventually lead to permanent noise-induced hearing loss.

Work accident compensation claims have even been made following incidents of friendly fire. There have been many reports of the Americans accidentally firing at our troops while we have been out in Iraq fighting together and in those cases where liability has been sought those injured or the relatives of those who were killed have made successful personal injury compensation claims.

It is important to remember that the Ministry of Defence is the same as every other employer in the UK, in that they hold a duty of care for all employees and if this duty of care is neglected and work injuries arise a claim for accident at work compensation may be made.

Every employer, including the MoD, is responsible for providing adequate training and supervision, appropriate and safe equipment as well as a safe environment for all their employees to work in.

Make a compensation claim for a military work injury
If you have sustained work injuries while employed by the MoD then you could be in a position to make a personal injury compensation claim. If your employer has failed to protect you against sustaining a work injury by violating a health and safety regulation then you should be entitled to claim for the damages that you deserve.

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