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Statistics relating to accidents at work: incidence rates for personal injuries and occupational health issues

Around 1.5 million accidents at work occur every year in the UK, some of which are fatal. Read an overview of accidents at work.

Clearly, some industries such as agriculture with the highest work accident rate pose far more risk to workers than others such as finance and business which has the lowest work accident rate. Read more about types of accidents that can occur at work.

This explains why bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) act to make the working environment a safer one. Read more about the Health and Safety Executive.

The HSE statistics on work related health and safety in Great Britain for 2004/05
It is worth remembering that these figures only refer to those work accidents and injuries that have been reported and there many others that occur without employees and employers following the correct procedures.

Therefore, these incidence rates for accidents at work, and the resulting injuries and illnesses, can only give us a rough estimate of the health and safety situation in UK workplaces.

Fatal injuries as a result of accidents at work
220 workers were killed in accidents at work which is a 7% decrease on the figure for the previous year.

The most dangerous industries were revealed as construction, where 71 fatal work accidents occurred, and agriculture, forestry and fishing, where a further 42 fatalities were suffered. The highest quantity of fatal work accidents occurred in Scotland with the least occurring in the North East.

The amount of fatal injuries suffered by workers dropped throughout the 1980s and 1990s. However, this rate rose by 30% in 2000/2001 but has dropped again in the last 4 years.

Non-fatal injuries as a result of accidents at work
A total of 30,213 serious personal injuries as a result of accidents at work were reported; a decrease of 2% on the previous year. Over one third of these injuries were caused by slips and trips in the workplace.

A further 120,346 non-fatal injuries were suffered by employees, two fifths of which were the result of accidents at work involving handling, lifting and carrying.

Occupational health issues
The figures for self-reported ill health that workers believed was caused or aggravated by their current or past employment were down from 2.2 million in 2003/04 to 2.0 million for 2004/05. The majority of these cases were reported in the North West, closely followed by Wales, Yorkshire and the Humber.

Three quarters of these cases were musculoskeletal disorders such as back injuries, neck injuries and problems with the upper limbs. Stress, anxiety and depression were also fairly common. Other occupational health disorders included hearing problems such as tinnitus.

Around 7,500 cases have been assessed for industrial injuries disablement benefit (IIDB) every year since 2002/03, including those suffering from vibration whiter finger, carpal tunnel syndrome and respiratory diseases associated with previous exposure to harmful substances.

An estimated 6,000 people die from cancer every year and about 3,500 of these are related to asbestos exposure. The annual death rate in Great Britain as a result of mesothelioma has risen from 253 in 1968 to 1874 in 2003.

Making a compensation claim following an accident at work
If you have been involved in an accident at work and wish to pursue a personal injury claim against your employer then we may be able to help. Read more about making a claim following an accident at work.

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