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Claim made by fisherman's wife after potentially fatal accident at work

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Fishing accident
In June 2003 we received a call from the wife of a man who was involved in a serious work accident which almost claimed his life while he was on a fishing trawler off the west coast of Cornwall.

Fishing accident While employed onboard a chartered fishing boat during the spring of that year, the man was hit on the head by a heavy object that was not secured properly to the boat and thrown in his direction during an unexpected squall. He sustained a fairly serious head injury and was subsequently knocked unconscious.

His body was instantly swept overboard, he began to sink to the bottom of the sea and it took a number of minutes for the crew to realise he had gone. An alarm call was made and several members of the crew dived in after him in order to try and find him and drag him back to the surface before it was too late.

But the fisherman was under the water for several minutes before he was rescued and his brain was starved of oxygen. This caused him to suffer moderate brain damage which affected his sight and speech, caused a personality change and left him with epilepsy, making him almost completely dependent on his family.

This level of dependency caused the man to become very depressed and he requested that his wife look into making an accident at work compensation claim to help financially support his family and so that he might reclaim some dignity.

His wife agreed to act as his Litigation friend and pursued a personal injury claim on his behalf to try and recover some of the damages caused by the accident at work. The agency that the former fisherman was employed by admitted that they had violated a health and safety requirement which put their staff at risk and accepted liability for the work accident. The man was awarded 96,000 in compensation.

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