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Farm worker makes accident at work compensation claim

Here at The Claim Solicitors we've helped thousands of people to make accident at work compensation claims after they've been left with personal injuries because of the negligence of an employer.

Our personal injury solicitors are experts at work accident claims and have come to the aid of people from all over the UK. Among those that we've helped to win personal injury compensation following workplace accidents have been factory workers from Birmingham, office staff from Edinburgh, council workers from London and shop assistants from Cardiff.

In addition, we've also helped people of various jobs from all corners of the country to make accident at work compensation claims including a farm worker from Worcestershire.

Accident on the farm
The 24-year-old man suffered serious personal injuries whilst loading a trailer with hay bails during the harvesting season. On the back of a trailer and more than 15ft from the ground, he was stacking the bails as they were dumped by a forklift when the tractor driver pulling the trailer, the farm boss, drove off without warning.

The man was thrown from the top of the hay bales and crashed to the ground, hitting his head and breaking his leg in the fall. He was immediately knocked unconscious and came around to find several farm workers attending to him and an ambulance on the way.

He was rushed to hospital where he was given a scan to check there was no brain injury, stitches to fix the nasty gash in his head and his broken leg was operated on. Such was the extent of the break that he was kept in hospital for several days before being discharged with instructions to remain off work for at least a couple of months.

Farm work was the young man's only income and it was during the harvest season that he normally worked exceptionally long hours, earning a lot of money as a result. With a broken leg he was obviously unable to work and so was unable to earn money. Luckily, he had some savings and so was able to survive although he did have to tighten his belt enormously to get through the lean period.

Making a farm accident compensation claim
Justifiably, he was angry that he had been left injured and unable to live his normal life through no fault of his own and so decided to find out about making an accident at work compensation claim against the owner of the farm on which he had been working.

Using the Internet he found out about The Claim Solicitors and gave our free telephone number a call. He spoke to one of our friendly claims advisors who answered all his questions and made a note of the details of the farm accident. We also explained that our solicitors work on a no win no fee basis and that making a claim with us would be totally risk-free.

He then spoke to one of our personal injury solicitors, an expert on agricultural accident claims, and he took the case on from there, contacting the farm owner and notifying them that a personal injury compensation claim was being made against them.

The farmer was anxious to avoid a potentially costly court case and, knowing that the farm accident had been his fault, admitted liability immediately. He offered his former employee a settlement of just under 5,000 but our personal injury solicitors refused this, rightly insisting that the accident claim was worth more.

A week later the farm owner came back with an improved work injury compensation offer of a little over 10,000, which the injured farm worker accepted. He used the money to top back up his savings and also went back to college to get a new career so that he wouldn't be exposed to such an accident again.

Thanks to The Claim Solicitors, the ex-farm worker has now put his painful accident firmly behind him and has been able to get on with his life.

We can help you make an accident at work compensation claim today
If you've suffered personal injuries in a farm accident, or any sort of accident that was caused by an employer's negligence, you could be in a position to make an accident at work compensation claim with the personal injury experts.

Our personal injury solicitors are experts in their fields and making an accident claim with us is completely risk-free.  This lets you focus on getting better, not worrying about money.

To find out more about making an accident at work compensation claim, get in touch with The Claim Solicitors today. You can chat online to one of our friendly claims advisors, ask for a call back at a time more convenient or simply pick up the phone and call us for free on 0800 197 32 32.