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Successful claim for waitress harmed in accident at work

We received an accident at work compensation claim from a young woman who was injured while waitressing at a restaurant in a village in Devon.

She had worked at the restaurant for six months trying to gather funds so that she could take a round-the-world trip during her gap year before going to university when the work accident occurred.

It was a Saturday night in July and the restaurant was totally booked out and although the waiting staff usually shared duties, tonight the management had decided that two would take orders and serve drinks and the other, our client, would run the food from the kitchen to the tables.

At around 8.30pm the restaurant was buzzing and all the staff were under a lot of pressure. The waitress went into the kitchen to collect three plates of food when she slipped on a spillage which had not yet been cleared up.

As the girl fell she knocked a pot of boiling water from the stove which splashed all over her upper body and the legs of the sous chef who was very angry and started shouting at her. The girl also landed awkwardly on her left arm which doctors later revealed caused a broken wrist.

Her burns were terrible and she was rushed to hospital by a member of the bar staff where she was treated for her personal injuries. The worst of her burn injuries were dressed and she was told that she would not be able to use her wrist for at least four weeks.

This was devastating news for the girl who was due to leave for her trip in just three weeks time. She was very upset and discussed the situation with a friend who was studying law. Her friend suggested that she make an accident at work claim under the no win no fee agreement as her employer was directly responsible for the personal injuries that she had suffered.

The young woman took this advice, typed "accident at work" into an internet search engine and came across The Claim Solicitors website. She discovered that we have a panel of personal injury solicitors, some of which specialise in her type of compensation claim.

Happy with our customer focussed terms and conditions, she went ahead and made a claim through us. The restaurant admitted liability for the work accident and offered her a total of 6,500 in compensation for her personal injuries and the flight ticket that she had to get re-scheduled. Within a few months the girl's injuries were almost completely healed and she jetted off to sunnier climes as she had planned.

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