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Compensation payout for farm-hand following accident at work

Our panel of personal injury solicitors are adept at dealing with accident at work claims and have a fantastic success rate. They have helped thousands who have sustained personal injuries in the workplace through no fault of their own and can help you, like they helped the young man whose story is told below, to gain the injury compensation that you deserve.

Trouble on the farm
An 18-year-old farm-hand from the West Midlands suffered serious personal injuries to his lower body when he was crushed by an 11-tonne combine harvester in an agricultural work accident.

A team of farm workers were out in the field getting ready to harvest some salad crops late one evening in June 2004 when the near-fatal accident occurred.

The combine harvester had been temporarily parked on sloping ground while it was being prepared for use. However, the hand-operated parking brake system failed and the farm vehicle rolled backwards towards the gathered workers unexpectedly.

One worker saw that the vehicle had begun to move and jumped up into the cab in order to stop it rolling further. But it was too late as a young farm-hand had been dragged under the vehicle's mammoth wheels. There was a lot of blood and the boy appeared to be in terrible agony.

An ambulance was called and arrived speedily to rush the boy to the local hospital. Doctors said that the quick actions of the teen's co-worker had probably saved his life but he had been left paraplegic and was unlikely to walk again.

Clearly devastated at sustaining such a serious personal injury at such a young age and concerned at how it would affect his future, after a lot of thought the boy decided that he wished to pursue an accident at work claim as soon as he was discharged from hospital.

This was a difficult decision because he was employed to work at the farm by an old family friend. However, after speaking to our claim advisors he realised that it was his employer's duty to follow stringent health and safety procedures and the agricultural accident had been a result of his failure to do this. He was also told that his employer would be covered by insurance and it was the insurers that would actually pay out the damages if the injury claim was successful.

The claim advisor also explained how the compensation claim process would be completely risk-free to the young man and that he would not have to pay any up front costs.  What's more, he wouldn't have to pay any legal fees in the event that his claim was unsuccessful.

He went ahead and made a claim and the Law Society approved personal injury solicitor that we appointed to represent him talked him through each stage of the process in plain English and provided him with the best possible customer care throughout the case.

It was not necessary for the case to go to court as the farm-hand's employer admitted full liability for his personal injuries and within a few weeks he was awarded 152,000 which helped to cover his lost earnings and ongoing medical care.

Making a compensation claim following an accident at work
If you are one of the many thousands harmed in work accidents every year in the UK and you would like to make an accident at work claim against your employer for your personal injuries then you have come to the right place.

You should not be fearful or intimidated of making a compensation claim but remember that you are well within your rights to be recompensed for lost earnings, medical expenses, pain, suffering and distress.

Working on a no win no fee basis, our panel of personal injury specialists can help you to do just this. All you have to do is call 0800 197 32 32 to make a no win no fee accident at work claim today.