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Types of accident, injuries and illness that occur in the workplace

There is an abundance of accidents that occur in a variety of workplaces, and many types of personal injury and illness that can be sustained as a result. Read an overview of accidents at work.

Our solicitors have an excellent success rate when it comes to dealing with personal injury claims following accidents at work. Here are a few examples of those successful cases:

Agricultural accident
A teenage farm-hand suffered serious personal injuries to his lower body when he was crushed by an 11-tonne combine harvester in an agricultural accident.

The combine harvester had been temporarily parked on sloping ground while it was being prepared for use. However, the hand-operated parking brake system failed and the farm vehicle rolled backwards unexpectedly.

A fellow worker saw that the vehicle had begun to move and jumped up into the cab in order to stop it rolling further; this probably saved the boy's life. However, he was left paraplegic.

After deciding to pursue a personal injury compensation claim against his employers, the teenager approached us to represent him. His case was successful and he was awarded 152,000.

Catering accident
While waitressing at a local restaurant, a teenage girl suffered serious burn injuries in an accident at work.

She went into the kitchen to collect a plate of food when she slipped on a spillage that had not been cleared up or posted with a warning sign. As she fell the girl knocked a pot of boiling water over her upper body then landed awkwardly on her arm causing her to sustain a broken wrist.

On making a no win no fee claim, the restaurant admitted liability for the work accident and offered the girl 6,500 in compensation. She was pleased to accept this offer.

Factory accident
While working on a factory production line a woman suffered a serious eye injury when part of the assembling machinery came lose. The woman looked up after hearing a loud clang only for a bar of metal to fly down and hit her in the face.

She suffered the total loss of one eye and significant scarring to the face that also caused psychological damage. She received 40,000 for injuries when she claimed against her employer for violating her safety.

Fishing accident
A man was involved in a serious work accident which almost claimed his life while fishing off the east coast of Cornwall. While employed onboard a fishing boat, the man was hit on the head and knocked unconscious by an unsecured heavy object that was thrown in his direction during a squall. His body was swept overboard and it took a number of minutes for the crew to realise he had gone.

He was under the water for several minutes and suffered moderate brain damage which affected his sight and speech, caused a personality change and left him with epilepsy, making him dependent on his family. His wife acted as his Litigation friend and pursued a personal injury claim on his behalf. He was awarded 96,000 in compensation.

[pic of fisherman on boat]

Forestry accident
A 36-year-old forestry worker was killed by falling tree in an accident at work. His chest was crushed and he received extensive head injuries that caused him to die at the scene of the accident.

He left behind a wife and 3 children who were all dependent on his income. His family made a claim for the fatal accident and received 210,000 in damages.

Forklift accidents
A 44-year-old mother suffered personal injuries when she was struck down in a forklift truck accident at a warehouse in Rotherham.

The driver of the forklift truck was a young man who had been working for just two days when the accident occurred. He had been taught the basics of operating the vehicle but the company was understaffed and his employer was desperate to get him out onto the warehouse floor in order to move old stock around and make way for a new line.

He proceeded to fork lift crates, one at a time, and transport them across to the other side of the warehouse. He transported four loads successfully but he did not load the fifth crate properly and it toppled off the vehicle's forks.

Distracted by the falling crate, the young man lost control of the truck and ploughed towards a group of colleagues who were doing a stock take nearby. The group scrambled but one female employee was struck on the leg by one of the truck's forks and fell to the ground.

The impact of the collision caused damage to her lower right leg and she hit her head on the hard warehouse floor when she fell. An ambulance was called and she was taken to the local accident and emergency department.

Doctors confirmed that she had sustained a broken tibia and a minor head injury which may cause ongoing headaches for some time; she was informed that she may be off work for at least three months.

A friend advised that she should make a personal injury claim and recommended our services. The young woman contacted us and we advised that she could make a claim against her employers for the negligence they had demonstrated in not providing adequate training for the forklift driver who caused the accident.

She decided to pursue the claim and we accepted the case under a no win no arrangement. Within a few months her case had been settled and she was awarded 6,900 in compensation.

Industrial deafness
While working as a barman in a popular nightclub in Greater London, a 20-year-old man suffered minor noise-induced hearing loss over a period of two years.

He began to find it difficult to hear what his customers were ordering and even had to get them to point to the drinks they wanted at times. But he put this down to the fact that a new louder sound system that had just been installed.

The nightclub worker realised that he had a more serious problem when he started hearing a ringing noise in his ears which continued intermittently throughout the day. He visited his doctor who diagnosed him with tinnitus and said that this may be a warning of permanent hearing loss.

He was informed that constant exposure to loud music had damaged the hearing mechanisms within his ears and further exposure would only aggravate the condition and could lead to more severe hearing loss. He was advised to stop working in the club and was signed off work.

After six months, the young man's hearing got marginally better so that he now suffered from occasional tinnitus with slight hearing loss.

He then decided to pursue a personal injury claim to recover compensation for the suffering he had experienced and his lost earnings. He contacted our claim advisors who assessed his claim and we were pleased to be able to help.

Our personal injury solicitors worked closely alongside the young man, as they do all our clients, and he was awarded 11,000 as a combination of both general and special damages.

Medical accident
While working in a hospital during her final year at university a 23-year-old student nurse suffered a needlestick injury.

She was tidying up a work station when she felt a prick in her left wrist. She had been stabbed by a used syringe which another member of staff had failed to dispose of safely.

The student nurse had to undergo a series of tests to identify whether she had contracted any serious diseases via the needle such as HIV, HAV, HBV and HCV. She had to wait a number of weeks before her test results were returned, causing her to suffer substantial anxiety.

She tested positive for Hepatitis C (HCV) which meant that she had to undergo another series of tests and was at an increased risk of developing liver disease.

On pursuing a no win no fee compensation claim for this accident at work, the student nurse received a total of 30,000.

Office accident
A 50-year-old woman who had worked in the commercial sector for 33 years sustained a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) which was so severe that she was forced to give up her profession.

Continual typing, filing and answering of the phone all contributed to inflammation of the tendons in her arms. She approached her employers about the personal injury several times but they did not allow her to take enough time off work for the injury to heal, causing it to develop into an RSI.

We provided her with free legal advice and assessed her eligibility to make a compensation claim. We accepted her case and she gained 5,000 for her personal injury and 62,000 for loss of earnings.

Retail accident
A teenage girl suffered an accident at work while on the shop floor in a fashion store. The summer sale had just started and her supervisor requested her to move a heavy running rail holding the sale stock to a prominent point at the front of the shop. When the girl asked for assistance with the task she was refused as they were short staffed.

The running rail toppled over from the weight of the clothes and trapped the girl's ankle underneath. The girl suffered a moderate ankle injury, a fracture that left her with walking difficulties and jeopardised her chances of becoming a catwalk model. She was awarded 10,500 in personal injury compensation.

Scaffolding accident
A construction worker fell from scaffolding surrounding the top of a two storey building in a serious work accident. It had been raining and the scaffolding and its surrounding platforms were wet but the site manager instructed his team that they should go ahead and complete their tasks as they could not afford to waste time waiting for the area to dry.

The worker slipped on the scaffolding platform and fell from height, landing on a hard surface. He suffered a serious spinal injury, closed head injuries a broken arm and hip. He incurred considerable medical costs and had to take indefinite time off work.

After seeking legal advice form The Claim Solicitors, he pursued a personal injury claim against his employer who admitted to breaching The Work at Height Regulations 2005. Visit for details.

He received personal injury compensation totalling 82,000 and a further 50,000 for time taken off work and medical expenses.

[pic of construction worker up scaffolding]

Transport accident
The wife of a railway worker sought compensation after her husband was involved in a fatal train accident.

He was surveying a piece of track which had been damaged in a recent fire when he was struck by a train at speed. He was killed instantly.

At the time, the railway worker was "red-zone working" which means that trains were still running on the line. He should have been warned of any approaching trains but the railway company admitted that a breakdown in communication had occurred.

She was awarded 263,000 in compensation.

Making a personal injury claim following an accident at work
If you have been involved in an accident at work and sustained a personal injury then you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation against your employer.

It is your legal and civil right to seek compensation if you have been harmed in a non-fault accident. Employers have a duty of care towards their employees and any infringement of this duty makes them liable.

We have a no win no fee policy which means that you can make a claim safe in the knowledge that you don't have to pay any up front costs.  What's more, you don't have to pay any legal fees in the event your claim is unsuccessful.

Making a compensation claim following an accident at work couldn't be simpler, just call 0800 197 32 32 today.