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Falling from height accidents at work

Falls from height are one of the most common accidents at work and a major cause of work accident fatalities. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), out of a total of 220 people killed in accidents at work during 2004/05, 53 were killed as a result of falling from height. A further 3,800 suffered serious personal injuries as a result of high falls.

While regulatory bodies such as the HSE aim to make such accident at work statistics diminish, it is also down to individual employees and the employers to make sure that they are working according to the safety regulations.

Work accident

Common causes of falls from height in the workplace
Jobs where working from height is required are not just limited to the male dominated building, roofing and scaffolding trades. Window dressers and even office workers are also at risk.

Believe it or not, over 97% of falls caused by accidents at work occur below head height. However, the most common scenarios that result in falls from height include:

If using a ladder, be safe
Where possible working at height should be avoided and an alternative, safer method used. However, where working from height is a necessary requirement it is important to remember that ladder use should be restricted to low-risk short duration work (between 15 and 30 minutes).

Also, it is the responsibility of employers to follow safety guidelines and height regulations carefully and make sure that their employees are trained to erect and dismantle equipment, such as ladders, correctly. Specifically, employers, contractors or any other people that have a duty of care must ensure:

Making a claim following a work accident today
Claims made by people who sustain personal injuries after falling from ladders or step ladders equate to over 60 million every year and The Claim Solicitors could help you to make your claim.

If you have had an accident at work as a result of someone else's negligence, then you are entitled to claim for any personal injuries sustained.

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