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Accidents at work

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An accident at work is any unexpected or undesirable event that occurs during the execution of work and usually results in one or more workers sustaining a personal injury and, in extreme cases, death.

Accidents could occur in any workplace from a factory or office to a school or hospital to a hotel or pub. Common personal injuries suffered as a result of accidents in the workplace include head injuries, brain injuries, whiplash injuries, spinal injuries, back injuries, knee injuries and ankle injuries. Read more about the common types of accidents at work.

Workers may also contract industrial illnesses or injuries as a direct result of their job. Our personal injury solicitors have successfully dealt with many of these cases such as asbestos related diseases, vibration white finger, carpel tunnel syndrome, tinnitus and repetitive strain injury.

Incidence rates of accidents at work
It was reported that 220 workers were killed and a further 150,559 sustained personal injuries as a result of accidents in the workplace in 2004/05.

The top three most dangerous occupations are agriculture, construction and transport with the most common fatal injuries being caused by falling from height, being struck by a moving vehicle and being hit by moving or falling objects.

Failure to conform to health and safety regulations is estimated to cost Britain’s employers upwards of £7 billion every year. An astonishing 70% of accidents at work could be prevented if employers simply abided by these regulations. Read more about incidence rates of accidents at work.

Health and safety in the workplace
All employers have a duty of care for their employees and they must follow specific health, safety and welfare guidelines in the workplace to stay within the law. Such health guidelines include: maintaining ventilation, temperature and cleanliness; safety guidelines include maintaining safe floors and traffic routes and welfare guidelines include supplying wholesome drinking water and suitable facilities for eating and resting.

It is vital for all workers to be aware of the issues that affect their health and safety at work:

Your rights following an accident at work
If you have been harmed in an accident at work, your employer may be accountable and you could have grounds to make a compensation claim.

It is then up to you to engage the assistance of a personal injury specialist, so that the case can be pursued. We offer a risk free service for anyone wishing to make a claim. Read more about making a compensation claim against your employer.

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