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Workplace accident – we can help you claim compensation

Workplace accidents are common. No matter where you work, you may face a number of potential hazards whilst going about your job. Faulty equipment, poor maintenance and inadequate training can all lead to accidents which could and should have been prevented.

The Health and Safety Executive have strict guidelines which employers must follow to ensure that staff are adequately protected from the risk of injury at work and to help prevent workplace accidents.

If an employer fails in his duty to look after the welfare of his staff and a workplace accident occurs, the person who is injured is entitled to make a compensation claim against them.

If you have been injured in a work place accident in the last three years, or contracted an industrial disease such as asbestosis or vibration white finger, call us now on 0800 197 32 32 and let us help you make a compensation claim.

We also offer a no win, no fee service, which means that your claim is completely risk free, as you do not have to pay a penny if your case isn't successful. See No win, no fee for more information.

A recent accident at work claim
Our client, Mr B, was employed as a welder. He was descending a platform and unaware of the build up of a compressor hose behind him. As he descended backwards from the platform, he stood on the compressor hose and tripped and fell, injuring his right ankle.

Mr B was in immediate pain, and was unable to get up from the floor. He managed to pull towards an area where other colleagues were working and they assisted him with getting his boots off. His foot was swollen and bruised.

Mr B went to a nearby hospital, where x-rays were taken and he was advised that he may have fractured the ankle. The hospital gave him a tube grip and crutches to help him mobilise. As symptoms persisted, a below the knee plaster was applied which remained on for two weeks. Mr B was then referred for physiotherapy.

He contaced The Claim Solicitors and we sent a letter of claim to his employer (the defendant) on his behalf, outlining Mr B's situation and his decision to make a claim for his injury. The letter was passed to the defendant's insurers to deal with, and they admitted liability for the accident, however suggested that Mr B was partly responsible and should have a measure of contributory negligence applied to his claim, meaning that he should accept some level of responsibility for his accident. After negotiations, we agreed to this, and contributory negligence was agreed at 75/25 in Mr B's favour, meaning that he would receive 75% of the overall amount of compensation agreed.

We got copies of Mr B's GP and hospital notes, and got Mr B independently examined by an independent consultant orthopaedic surgeon to prepare a report. Eventually, the defendant's representatives put forward an offer to settle the case. After negotiations, we were able to agree a compensation award with them that saw Mr B receive £3,400 after the deduction for contributory negligence was made.

We can help you make a workplace accident claim
If you would like to speak to a personal injury solicitor for expert legal advice about making an accident claim, call us now on 0800 197 32 32.