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Work accident – We can help you pursue a personal injury claim

Thousands of people are injured in work accidents every year. It’s not just people that have physical jobs like builders, delivery drivers or postmen that are at risk. Accidents can happen in any workplace, from farms to factories, to offices and shops.

Your employer has a legal duty to ensure your safety whilst at work. This includes providing you and your colleagues with adequate training and equipment and ensuring your working environment is safe at all times. If the company you work for fails to do this, then you are entitled to claim compensation if you are injured as a result.

The Claim Solicitors specialise in personal injury claims that occur as a result of a work accident. We help hundreds of people every year to make a claim following an accident at work. We offer a no win, no fee service. This means that you are protected from any costs in the event that your case is not successful. What's more, you will not be asked to pay any costs up front, meaning that making a claim with us is risk free and stress free.

A recent work accident claim we have successfully concluded
Our male client, Mr Y, was aged 46 at the date of the work accident.

Mr Y was employed to service oil-fired boilers and attend weekend call-out breakdowns. On the day of the accident, he was installing paving stones on which the tank he would later be fitting, would stand. Although this should have been a two man job, Mr Y was forced to undertake the task on his own. Whilst he was carrying a slab, he slipped on a lawn and fell backwards. He felt winded and when he got up, Mr Y was suffering immediate pain to the middle of his back, continuing down his toes.

The next day, Mr Y was in severe pain and struggled to get out of bed. He was taken to his GP where he was examined and told he had pulled a muscle. He was prescribed pain killing medication and was signed off work for five weeks. Mr Y then attended a chiropractor and physiotherapist due to ongoing symptoms.

Mr Y decided to get in touch with The Claim Solicitors to make a claim. We then sent a letter of claim to his employer, outlining his intentions to claim and the injuries he had suffered in the course of his job. Mr Y's employer passed the letter to the company's insurance firm to deal with the claim.

We got a copy of Mr Y's GP and hospital notes, and ensured that an independent orthopaedic surgeon examined Mr Y and was able to prepare an independent medical report that discussed Mr Y's injuries and prognosis. Unfortunately, Mr Y's employer denied liability for his accident. We were forced into issuing court proceedings and after several months of negotiation, we scheduled a case management conference with Mr Y's employer's legal representatives to discuss the case. After further negotiation, Mr Y's employer agreed to settle the case for £9,000, which Mr Y was very pleased with.

We can help you make a work accident claim
If you have been injured in a work accident, call us now for expert legal advice. We can advise you of the chances of making a successful claim and if you decide to go ahead, we will work hard for you to ensure you get the full compensation you are entitled to, including any loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses, such as prescription charges or medical bills.

Call us now on 0800 197 32 32 and speak to one of our expert team today about making a work accident personal injury claim.