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What cause work accidents?

Work accidents are one of the most frequently documented accident claims. You do not have to work in an industry that may be perceived especially dangerous to sustain personal injuries; for example, the retail and hospitality industries see a good deal of accidents in the workplace, and there are a number of our clients who have suffered an accident at work who work in municipal buildings; such as offices, schools and hospitals.

Personal injuries as a result of accidents at work can be sustained in a number of ways.

If you lift something which is too heavy or lift without bending your knees, then it is likely that you will pull a muscle in your back, slip a disk or sustain some other kind of back injury. You may also slip or trip while carrying something which could cause you to fracture a bone or sustain an ankle injury.

Using equipment or machinery
If you are using specialist equipment or machinery and have not been given adequate training, then a work accident is likely. An industrial accident could occur if the machinery has loose connections, and you could suffer a personal injury if you not have been told to wear the correct safety equipment such as gloves and masks.

Unsafe premises or work site
It is essential that your employer maintains safety in your workplace to prevent work accidents. In industrial and construction environments for example, tools and dangerous equipment should be safely storred away to avoid injuiries. Slippery or uneven floors could cause someone to slip or trip in any manner of environment and should always be properly signposted. In office areas, if computer cables are not tucked away someone could trip, or if files fall from a shelf then someone could suffer a head injury.

How we can help following an accident at work
If you have experienced an accident at work and would like legal advice about how to make a no win no fee compensation claim then we are here to help. We offer expert legal advice about personal injury claims. You can claim for medical expenses accrued and time taken off work as a result of a personal injury. We can also arrange medical care with the best specialists in your area.

Our no win no fee claims policy means that if you make a compensation claim through us, you can rest assured that you won't be charged a penny if your claim is not successful. What's more, there are no up front charges with us. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when it comes to making a claim with us!

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