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Whiplash injury claim amounts

Have you suffered a whiplash injury in a non-fault car accident? We can help you make a whiplash injury claim without costing you a penny. See Claiming whiplash injury compensation for more information

Whiplash symptoms can range from minor injuries which only take a few weeks to heal, to very severe injuries which can cause long term disabilities. Due to this disparity there is significant difference in the amount of compensation awarded for a whiplash injury claim.

Whiplash injury awards vary greatly as no two injuries are the same. Although there is a wide variation in the level of compensation paid for each injury, we can give you an approximate idea of the amounts that are typically awarded.

These figures are for general damages only i.e. for the pain and suffering you have experienced. Compensation for other financial losses, such as future losses and interest, may be paid in addition.

Whiplash injury claim amount

Minor whiplash injury (recovery within 1 year)   claim up to £2,000
Minor whiplash injury (full recovery within 2 years)   claim up to £4,000
More serious whiplash injury involving disc lesion resulting in cervical spondylosis – leading to a serious limitation of movement   claim up to £13,000
Severe damage to soft tissue or ruptured tendons resulting in permanent and serious disability with poor prognosis   claim up to £27,500

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