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Neck injury

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Most people will experience neck pain at some point in their life. The neck is part of the spine, and neck pain is very similar to lower back pain. Neck pain can range from mild discomfort to a severe burning pain. A common cause is muscular strain or tension. This may occur after sleeping in an awkward position or after unaccustomed exercise.

Very occasionally, neck pain may be caused by a problem in the discs between the neck bones or vertebrae. The pain tends to be a burning feeling and is associated with symptoms such as tingling or numbness in the arms. Accidents resulting from manual handling work such as lifting, pushing or carrying may also cause neck pain.

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What are the signs of a neck injury?

Neck injury compensation claim advice Neck injury compensation claim advice

What causes neck pain?
The neck supports the weight of your head, and is very vulnerable. Many things can trigger neck pain, including:

Can I claim compensation for my neck injury?
If you believe your neck pain was caused as the result of someone else's carelessness, you may have a valid claim for personal injury compensation.

If you have been sustained a neck injury in an accident that was not your fault and would like to make a claim for personal injury compensation or if you would like to discuss in confidence any matter related to a personal injury claim, please call our claim team on 0800 197 32 32 or complete the claim assessment opposite.

Treatment of neck injuries
Most cases of neck pain disappear without treatment or with the help of mild pain killers. If the pain lasts for a few days or more, your doctor may prescribe other pain killers, or suggest physical therapy such as physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopathy. It is important to keep mobile and try to continue your normal daily activity even when you are sore.

Most cases of neck pain are due to soft tissue (muscles and ligament) strain and will settle with time. There is usually no need for investigations such as x-rays or scans.

If the neck pain has lasted for longer than three months, you may be diagnosed as suffering from 'chronic neck pain'. Chronic neck pain may require more investigation and specialist treatment.

What can I do?
People with weak neck muscles are more likely to suffer neck pain. Inactivity weakens muscles and makes the soft tissues more prone to strain. An exercise programme can help to strengthen the neck. Your occupational health worker can give you advice.

If you have neck pain, try to stay as active as possible and keep up your normal everyday activities. If you are given a neck collar, try not to use this for more than one or two days. Holding the neck immobile for a prolonged period, either with a collar or by your own effort, will cause more pain and disability. Neck pain will often disappear within a few weeks.

Neck pain caused by a whiplash related injuries in a car accident is usually a sign of damage to the soft tissue. It is important to continue with normal daily activities as much as possible, as this has been shown to reduce the length of time you will feel pain.

Cervical spondylosis
Cervical spondylosis is a 'wear and tear' of the vertebrae and discs in the neck. Although the main cause of cervical spondylosis is aging, a previous neck injury, which may have taken place several years before, can prompt the condition.

With constant wear and tear and injury the discs, which are like soft rubber shock absorbers between the vertebrae, become hard and stiff as they shrink with age. This causes strains on all the neighbouring joints and tissues, leading to stiffness. Cervical Spondylosis is common in people who have worked hard with their backs (such as construction workers and farmers) and those who have had injuries (such as in a car accident). The older you get, the more likely you are to develop cervical spondylosis.

Cervical spondylosis symptoms:

Treatment for cervical spondylosis

Occasionally, if you suffer from neck pain, you may also have muscle spasms that turn the head to one side. This is called torticollis, also known as wryneck. Even though torticollis is not very common, it is an unpleasant side-effect of neck pain. It usually occurs only briefly, although it is possible to suffer from long-term torticollis.

What causes torticollis?
Torticollis is brought about by irritation to cervical nerves, which results in spasm of the neck muscles. In addition to physical exertion or personal injury, torticollis may be caused by the following:

What are the symptoms of torticollis?
The following are the most common symptoms of torticollis. However, each individual may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms may include:

The symptoms of torticollis may resemble other conditions and medical problems, and you should therefore always consult your physician for a diagnosis.

Treatment for torticollis
Treatment for torticollis may include:

How we can help following a neck injury
If you have been injured in an accident and are suffering with neck pain, call us now on 0800 197 32 32. We can help you make a compensation claim following a neck injury. See no win, no fee for more information.

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