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Can I claim as a passenger in a road accident?

It is most likely that you will be able to make a road accident claim quite easily as a passenger if you were injured and the accident that caused your injury was not your fault.

You can make a claim against whoever was the person at fault in the road accident, whether that's the person driving the car you were in, or someone in another vehicle. When on the road, the people around you have a duty of care for your safety, and if they have not ensured this, then you are able to claim against them for compensation. As long as liability is admitted by the party at fault, your road accident claim should be quite straightforward.

This applies to car passengers, motorcycle pillion passengers, bus and taxi passengers, and passengers using any other form of transport. If you were in a vehicle, such as a car, that requires you to wear a seatbelt or other form of protection, and you failed to do so, your compensation award may be reduced. This is known as contributory negligence and it is likely you will receive less because you did not take all the steps you contributed towards the injuries you sustained in the road accident by failing to wear a seatbelt.