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Closed head injuries sustained in sports accidents

Many people sustain closed head injuries every year in the UK. Closed head injuries are caused by a sudden impact to the head which can cause brain damage but show no signs of injury to the skull. This means that closed head injuries can sometimes go undetected.

It is important to look out for signs of closed head injuries following an accident where the head has been hit. These may include headaches, blurred vision, loss of consciousness, vomiting and behavioural changes.

Sports accidents account for around a reasonable proportion of all head injuries and here are a few common scenarios of personal injuries sustained through sports.:

Contact sports
During highly charged contact sports such as rugby, it is possible for the head to be kicked or crushed in a scrum. Trips and falls are also common when tackling or chasing the ball and players may sustain head injuries or broken bones.

Ball sports
Sports which involve hitting and catching hard balls such as cricket and tennis can lead to closed head injuries. The ball can hit players with great force and cause the head to be jolted and damaged. Eye injuries are also common and sports such as squash often cause black eyes and more serious, permanent damage.

Water sports
While sailing, individuals may be hit with the boom which could cause a serious head injury, leading to concussion or unconsciousness. Water skiers should also take care because they commonly come off their water skies and could sustain a back injury when hitting the water with force. They could also hit their head on the water ski as they fall, sustaining a closed head injury.

Horse riding
If you lose control of your horse and fall to the ground you could sustain a closed head injury with the impact of the fall. It is also possible that you could fall onto rocks or down a steep verge, sustaining other serious personal injuries.

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The next step after sustaining a closed head injury
Our personal injury solicitors are highly experienced in the field of head injury claims, can give you expert legal advice and guide you through the compensation claims process. We can also arrange top medical care in your area and recover costs for any accumulated medical expenses.

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