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Safe and happy driving to prevent car accident claims

We hear reports of road accidents every day, and as claims specialists a large proportion of our cases are car accident claims. There are more people commuting to work and choosing to travel long distances on British roads than ever before. Here are just a few pointers to get you ready for that long journey and prevent you from being involved in a car accident.

Make sure you do a thorough safety check including your tyres and brakes. It is important to check that your headlights are aligned correctly so that you do not dazzle other drivers and cause a car crash.

Check that you have your first aid kit, hazard lights, torch, tool kit and other emergency equipment in case of a breakdown or road accident. Finally, fill up the fuel tank and check your water and oil before setting off.

In order to avoid causing or being involved in a car accident while driving on long journeys we recommend that you get a good night’s sleep and plenty of rest before you travel. Travelling with someone who can share the driving or at least keep you talking and alert is also advisable. If travelling alone it is a good idea to listen to the radio so that your mind stays active or listen to some upbeat music to prevent you from feeling sleepy.

So there you go, have a safe and happy journey!

How to make a car accident claim
If you have been involved in a car accident that was not your fault then we can help you to make a car accident claim.

Our legal experts offer expert, confidential advice and our no win, no fee policy means that any claim that you make through us will be protected in the event that your case is not successful, meaning you are not placed at financial risk as a result of the claims process.

You can claim for personal injuries sustained such as whiplash or head injuries. We can even arrange for your car to be repaired or replaced following a road accident.

To make a car accident claim today fill in our quick assessment form or call our team on 0800 197 32 32.