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Road accident claim

There are road accidents every day on the UK’s roads, and many people suffer personal injury as a result. A personal injury is any injury that is caused by the actions of another person and many road traffic accidents are the result of dangerous driving or negligence. If you are suffering because of injuries caused in a road accident then we can help you. We help many people each year who may not know which way to turn. Whether you are a driver, passenger or a pedestrian we will help you if it can be shown that the road accident was not your fault.

A no win, no fee service
We offer our services on a no win, no fee basis. No win, no fee agreements allow you to make a claim for personal injury compensation without having to worry about the financial consequences in the event that your claim is unsuccessful. This means that you can make a claim, without worrying that you might need to pay out to keep it going. It really does make claiming compensation a risk free, stress free process.

Replacement car
If your car or motorcycle has been damaged in a non fault accident then you may find yourself stranded without transport. Even if you have fully comprehensive car insurance you may find it difficult to get a replacement car from your insurance company. We can supply you with a temporary replacement car if yours has been damaged or written off in your road accident. Please call us for further details.

Make a road accident claim
To make a road accident claim please give us a call and we will assess your claim. If we feel that you have a valid personal injury claim then we can proceed. We’ll give you expert legal advice about your situation and put you in touch with a specialist lawyer. Call now on 0800 197 32 32 or if you prefer you can fill in our online claim form and we will call you back.