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RSI - A problem in the commercial sector

It is becoming more common for people that work in the commercial sector to suffer from upper limb problems such as repetitive strain injury (RSI), where pain is caused to the upper limbs when they are used frequently.

Office workers such as data entry operatives are particularly prone to RSI since they sit at their desks for long periods with a fixed posture and work mostly with their elbows bent while they type or read documents. Holding the head in a fixed position while looking at a computer screen for most of the day can also aggravate a neck injury.

The longer you are subjected to repetitive strain, the worse the pain to the arms, neck and shoulders can become. The pain is usually present when carrying out the repetitive activities but as the condition worsens, individuals may also experience pain when they rest, leaving them unable to do everyday tasks such as carrying the shopping home. Sufferers may also experience stiffness and numbness from the wrist, through the arm and up to the shoulder and neck.

How we can help following an injury
If you are suffering from RSI or any other upper limb injury that is preventing you from being able to work then we can help you make a personal injury compensation claim.

You can claim for loss of past and future earnings and medical costs that you have suffered as a result of your injury.

Our personal injury experts are at hand to give you quality, confidential legal advice and talk you through the claims procedure and our no win no fee policy means that you will not be liable to pay your legal fees in the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful. It means you really do have everything to gain and nothing to lose when it comes to making a claim with us.

So to make a compensation claim for your injury today call 0808 197 32 32.