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Poorly maintained roads and pavements result in personal injury claims

Badly maintained pavements and road surfaces in the UK cause the public a variety of personal injuries every year, leading to an abundance of personal injury claims.

Uneven paving stones or cracks in the surface of the pavement or road can cause pedestrians to trip and fall, causing a multitude of different types of injury. When tripping on the pavement it is common for pedestrians to twist their lower bodies and suffer ankle and knee injuries. When falling forward onto the pavement pedestrians may put their arms out in front of them as an automatic reaction which can cause fractures or breaks to the arms or wrists. When falling backwards there is little to break the fall so you may suffer a back or shoulder injury or bang your head on the pavement and suffer a closed head injury.

Uneven road surfaces and potholes are a potential road accident hazard. Potholes can cause vehicles to overbalance and have been linked with many motorcycle and bicycle accidents. Uneven surfaces can also cause vehicles to skid and have been known to cause car accidents and other road traffic accidents.

How to make a personal injury claim
In order to make a personal injury claim following a trip or fall on an uneven pavement or road accident on an uneven road there are some important factors to remember.:

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